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Tesco approves "Granot Farmer" avocado packing house to export fruit to the chain’s branches

The largest supermarket chain in England gave the "Granot Farmer" Packing House the highest quality control score

a tribute to israeli agriculture and agricultural exports: avocado granot will be sold in the tesco chain in 2021, after meeting the chain’s most stringent tests, which serve as a threshold condition for the sale of products in the chain’s branches. granot farmer’s avocado packing house has received the highest quality rating to suppliers, and the granot farmer’s growers have been approved to supply avocados in many varieties throughout the year.

the tesco chain is the largest supermarket chain in the uk. its standard is considered one of the most stringent in the field of food quality and safety, and includes a list of requirements that must be met as a threshold condition for working with it. the tests were conducted at the packing house as well as at granot’s avocado growers. the packing house is required to meet strict standards, from the moment fruit arrives from the orchard until reaching its final destination at the points of sale, while maintaining high standards of food safety, cleanliness, work procedures, shipping and transportation and more. the grower must meet strict requirements for the use of pesticides according to tesco, a ban on the use of genetic engineering, etc. the assessment was performed on behalf of tesco, and granot farmers received the maximum ”blue” rating, , signifying that the supplier fully meets expectations.



this is the second year that the granot packing house has received highest approval of the tesco chain . the avocado that will be provided to tesco is mainly the hass-variety avocado,  that’s very popular in europe and the uk in particular. “avocados are today the leading export fruit in israel, with israeli growers considered the most professional in the fields of yield and growing methods, although there are places in the world with much better growing conditions and climate than israel,” explains noa tal, quality manager at granot farmers. according to her, the demand for israeli avocados in the world is constantly increasing. “every season we undergo quality tests to enable the export of avocados to customers throughout europe, and we are pleased that our packing house has successfully passed the tesco test, which strengthens our position as a leading supplier in the field of avocados and israeli exports”.

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