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Kaneya to sell Hishtil products in Japan

Leading horticultural solution providers, Hishtil and Kaneya, are partnering to bring Histhil solutions to nursery’s and growers across Japan

hishtil, a global horticultural frontrunner is partnering with kaneya, japan’s leading  horticultural solutions provider, to distribute and sell hishtil’s  herbs, perennials and other quality plants across the nipponese islands.

horticultural specialist hishtil, announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with kaneya to distribute and sell hishtil’s selection of top quality organic vegetables, herbs, seedlings, and young plants to customers across japan.

“we are very excited to represent hishtil in japan,” said kaneya ceo matsuo aoyama. “our customers, growers of pot plants, bedding plants, cut flowers and vegetables throughout japan and around the world, sit at the heart of our thinking and doing, and it is our goal to provide them with the best possible, holistic solutions. histhil’s leading-edge technology, superior product offerings and extensive experience fit well with this strategy and our own capabilities. we will develop the hishtil brand in japan, helping us to better serve our customers, expand into additional market segments and maintain our reputation well into the future.”

both kaneya and histhil are highly-regarded market veterans with roughly 50 years of history each. they are both innovators in their respective segments, are known for reliability, consistency, and product variety, and both companies have global distribution networks.

“these similarities in our two companies provide excellent foundations for a long-term, synergistic relationship,” stated amit dagan, hishtil general manager. mr. dagan and kaneya ceo matsuo aoyama continued “the hishtil team works diligently to turn it’s knowhow and experience into best-of-breed horticultural solutions, which we are certain will greatly benefit kaneya’s customer base in japan. we couldn’t be happier about this partnership and are eager to commence our collaboration with kaneya.”

about kaneya:
celebrating its golden anniversary, kaneya is a leading horticultural and agricultural solution provider, selling and distributing products that range from its core, technologically advanced offering of plastic pots and trays, to a variety of other related products produced by leading horticulture companies around the world, including substrate, seeds and plants, greenhouse equipment, fertilizer etc. with more than 12,000 customers on record, and some 5,000 active, satisfied and fiercely loyal active customers, kaneya operates throughout japan and exports it products to 10 countries, and has established itself as a global force in the horticulture industry.

about histhil
founded in 1974 to leverage state-of-the-art technology in horticulture and agriculture, hishtil provides nurseries and growers with durable, innovative solutions that enhance the quality of food and are ecologically safe. over the decades, histhil’s line of vegetables, herbs, seedlings, and young plants for both professionals and amateurs, have been warmly accepted and sought after in israel and worldwide, gaining the company a standing as one of the planet’s leading horticulture and horticulture technology companies. today, with annual sales of over 1 billion young plants, the company has 4 sites in israel and 6 joint ventures nursery centers in turkey, south africa, italy, spain, bosnia & herzegovina, and the usa.

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