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We are here to cover all that’s new in the Israaeli AgTech arena.

The innovations we report on converge towards the challenging task of supplying food for a fast growing world population safely and sustainably. We live in an era of harsh realities—significant changes in climate together with dwindling land and water resources. With costs of labor, energy, crop protection, fertilizers, and other important components constantly on the rise, the need to produce food much more efficiently becomes imperative.

Food Safety

Sustainability and Local Sourcing

Quality Food

Enough for Everyone

Israel’s ag-tech sector has been investing for decades in innovative growing technologies aiming to maximize fresh food yields using resources in much smarter, greener ways. At the same time, sophisticated equipment and IT systems have emerged to help accelerate learning in order to optimize farm, post harvest, food processing, storage and even retail operations.

Technological innovation helps streamline work, reduce costs, and improve productivity so that all players in the sector can not only grow their crops, but also their profits.

Our mission is to share the news of these new technologies originating in Israel through various media, and make sure these amazingly disruptive ideas reach everyone in the food value chain from the soil through the shelf, and all the way to consumers’ homes world-wide.

Our content is always fresh with informative items added on a weekly basis, covering:

  • Sustainability
  • Food Tech
  • Smart Farming
  • Livestock Farming
  • Cannabis
  • Agriculture Knowledge
  • And Other Breaking News

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Connecting the Lab with the Field

Agro innovation is fueled by academic/research institutions and commercial enterprises who invest in R&D and create knowledge within the industry.


Research Institutions AgTech Companies
Our Portal maintains ongoing contact with all research institutions in Israel, publishing articles on behalf of researchers in the fields of foodtech, Agtech and smart agriculture.As part of these relationships, we publish digital magazines in various fields that serve as a platform for showcasing research advances in a variety of fields – Link to blabla We follow companies that invest in innovation across the entire agro landscape:Resistant seeds, remote sensing, optimized irrigation and fertigation, AI-based data-driven management, indoor farming, integrated pest management, biostimulants, smart logistics, and automation, to name just a few. 

New technology creates a platform for real-time monitoring of crop conditions, so farmers can make irrigation, agronomic, and plot management decisions that will maximize yields and product quality at higher revenues and lower costs.
We help disseminate all these new ideas and knowledge on digital media channels to interested audiences around the world.

Extend Your Reach

Since Israelagri.com went live in 2013, it has acquired its status as a major portal for the agro and food tech sectors worldwide. The portal is visited on a regular basis by readers from about 150 countries in all corners of the globe.

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We invite you to provide us with any agro news you may have regarding product innovation, emerging technologies, company news, events and more. We will be happy to share this with our readers on your behalf in all media channels. You may also choose to advertise on the portal or any other of our channels.

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