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OriGene Seeds’ Success in Brazil: Understanding Area Needs and Bridging Grower-Consumer Communication

Interview with Mr. Moti Shmueli – Regional Sales director Global Sales & Marketing Manager at OriGene Seeds

OriGene Seeds has established itself as a key player in the Brazilian market for growers targeting the European market, particularly with their innovative seedless watermelons. The success of OriGene Seeds can be attributed to several factors.

With a strategic eye on Brazil for over 15 years, OriGene Seeds has steadily expanded its footprint, aligning its offerings with market demands. Central to their success is a keen understanding of Brazil’s role as a key supplier of produce to Europe during off-season months (August- February). OriGene Seeds has tailored its product portfolio to suit this niche, notably with innovations like seedless watermelons, respected for their extended shelf life and quality.

Navigating the local conditions of North-East Brazil, OriGene Seeds maintains direct contact with growers to understand the challenging climate conditions and adapt their products accordingly. This hands-on approach ensures the quality and resilience of their crops, even in difficult conditions like hot tropical weather and shortages in irrigation water sources.

By developing products resistant to diseases and requiring less water and pesticides, OriGene Seeds provides cost-effective solutions for growers while promoting environmental sustainability. This approach not only saves growers money but also produces higher-quality products with fewer chemical residues for European consumers.
Moti: A 30% reduction in water and fertilizer consumption has been shown by growers.
OriGene Seeds’ personalized approach distinguishes them from larger competitors, allowing them to respond quickly to market demands and provide tailored solutions.

Brito from Origene Seeds

As a market leader in seedless watermelon in Brazil, OriGene Seeds established a local team managed by Mr. José Brito Júnior to ensure close, rapid communication and support for growers, leading to increased loyalty and market share.
Moti emphasizes the importance of leadership support and effective collaboration between the local team and Dr. Eyal Vardi, the company’s founder, CEO and head of seedless watermelon breeding program. This collaboration will also play a significant role in expanding OriGene Seeds’ presence throughout North America.
OriGene Seeds is committed to ongoing innovation, developing new varieties such as watermelons suitable for fresh-cut applications. When cut in a glass ready to sell in supermarket shelf , fruit maintains its taste and texture. This focus on innovation ensures that they stay ahead of market trends and continue to meet the evolving needs of consumers and growers alike.

The company’s focus on developing smaller-sized watermelons tailored for demand and taste of European families reflects its ability to understand and address market needs. By creating connections between growers and category managers, they actively generate demand and increase awareness of their products.

In conclusion, OriGene Seeds’ success in Brazil and beyond results from its strategic market understanding, adaptation to local conditions, commitment to innovation, personalized service, and effective collaboration. These factors have enabled them to provide solutions that meet the needs of growers and consumers while maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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