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Rivulis Announces First Validated Carbon Credit Agriculture Project Through Verra

Rivulis, a global irrigation and climate leader, is proud to announce the successful validation of its first carbon credit agriculture project through Verra, the world’s leading standard for voluntary carbon offsets. This groundbreaking project marks a significant milestone in promoting sustainable agricultural practices, reducing carbon footprints, and building more resilient agriculture.

This project is part of the Rivulis Climate initiative. As climate change intensifies environmental and regulatory challenges for farmers, Rivulis Climate aims to help them build more resilient and sustainable agriculture by providing access to the voluntary carbon market. Rivulis Climate has projects in development across multiple countries, covering over 3,000 hectares globally.

The project – Avocado Agroforestry Grouped Project in Israel – was initially launched in 2022, bringing together avocado growers from four farms in Central and Northern Israel. Originally covering 50 hectares, the project has expanded to over 150 hectares across eight avocado farms. This collaborative initiative focuses on transforming former intensive row croplands into pioneering sustainable avocado orchards, adopting practices to minimize GHG emissions and enhance carbon sequestration. In its current definition, the project is expected to reduce emissions and increase carbon removals by about 40,000 tons of CO2e over its lifetime.

Avocado plantation

Key sustainable practices implemented in the different farms include:
• Utilization of Rivulis’ advanced irrigation and fertigation systems to optimize water and nutrient delivery.
• Application of organic fertilizers to enrich soil health and reduce chemical inputs.
• Planting intercrops and incorporating pruning residues to regenerate soil and enhance biodiversity.

The Verra validation process involves rigorous assessment, ensuring that the project adheres to the highest standards of carbon accounting and environmental integrity set by Verra’s VM0042 Methodology For Improved Agricultural Land Management. It was led by an independent Validation and Verification Body certified by Verra which ensured that all sustainable practices were properly implemented in the fields and all due documentation and evidence were provided by each farmer. The project will now advance to the next step of this process, called Registration, led directly by Verra’s teams.

“Participating in this project has been a game-changer for us,” said Roy Ziv, Irrigation Manager from Gal’ed. “Not only are we contributing to the fight against climate change, but we are also improving our farming practices and seeing real benefits in soil health and productivity.”
“The transition to sustainable practices as well as the whole validation process has been smoother than expected, thanks to Rivulis’ team support and solutions” added Udi Ben Zvi, Agriculture Manager from Ramat-Yohanan.

“We are thrilled to achieve this milestone with the validation of our first carbon credit project” said Jonathan Baravir, Rivulis Climate Director. “This achievement underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship and demonstrates our ability to advance complex agronomic solutions and climate-resilient models to drive meaningful environmental and economic benefits.”

“Our validated carbon credit project sets a precedent for the agricultural sector in Israel” commented Maoz Aviv, Rivulis Climate’s Business Development Manager and Senior Agronomist. “We look forward to expanding this initiative and partnering with more stakeholders to scale up the impact.”

Rivulis’ project is expected to serve as a model for similar initiatives globally, demonstrating the viability and benefits of integrating carbon credit mechanisms into agricultural practices.
Rivulis remains committed to leading the way in sustainable agriculture and invites partners, stakeholders, and the agricultural community to join in advancing these efforts.

Avocado plantation

About Rivulis:
Rivulis is a global irrigation and climate solutions leader empowering farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices through micro irrigation and climate-resilient models.
Rivulis offers the most innovative irrigation solutions for seasonal, permanent, and protected crop environments, through its multiple product and service portfolio brands: Rivulis, NaanDanJain, Jain, Eurodrip and Manna. With 80 years of field-trusted innovation, Rivulis has 22 large-scale manufacturing sites in 15 countries and 3,000 employees located in 35 countries, three R&D Centers (Israel, California, and Greece) and multiple Irrigation Project Design Centers around the globe.
Leading the mass adoption of micro irrigation globally, Rivulis is committed to increasing accessibility to all farmers everywhere through simple, affordable, and smart technology covering the full cycle from design to harvest.

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