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ReGrow Israel Emergency Fund

Volcani International Partners and Western Negev Farmers Launch ReGrow Israel Emergency Fund to Rebuild War-Destroyed Agricultural Communities
ReGrow Israel Emergency Fund Will Help Farming Communities Restore and Rebuild.

Initiative seeks to raise $50M to replace critical equipment and infrastructure needed to rehabilitate soil and replant crops.
Today Israel’s leading Agricultural NGO, Volcani International Partners and Western Negev Farmers (“Mishkey HaNegev”) launched ReGrow Israel – an Emergency Fund to restore and rebuild farming communities hardest hit by the October 7th terrorist attacks.

The initiative seeks to raise $50 million that will be immediately distributed to farmers to address the significant losses:

More than $500M in income
-More than 100,000 acres of agricultural land
-Equipment such as tractors, plows, fertilizer spreaders, combines, planters
-Infrastructure and irrigation systems
-Restoration of this area within the next six to twelve months is critical to the entire country’s food and economic security.

The Western Negev distributes a substantial portion of staples like potatoes and tomatoes, produce and dairy to the Israeli population.

The 45 Kibbutzim and Moshavim communities that live and farm in the Western Negev region will lead the assessment of needs and allocation of dollars with support from scientists, applied R&D experts and agronomists and technology leaders from around the world.

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“These pioneering, passionate farmers are already getting creative in finding solutions to use what’s left of their land and resources to feed the Israeli population,” says Danielle Abraham, CEO, Volcani Partners International. “Investing in the rebuild of the Western Negev is critical to ensuring the immediate safety and security of all Israeli people as well as the world’s food and Agriculture system.”

“The Western Negev farming communities are sought by governments, corporates and non profits around the globe for their ability to turn minimal arable land bordering desert terrains into a world-renowned agricultural powerhouse region,” said Arbel Levin, Chief Business Development Officer at Mishkey HaNegev.

“Israel has been making significant contributions to the world’s agriculture system for 70 years, and the ReGrow Israel fund will invest in building this region back even better for the future.”

ReGrow Israel has generated support from leaders around the world such as former US Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman who serves as an advisor to the fund. He underscores the importance and urgency of ensuring the stability of Israel’s food supply and the country’s continued contributions to a more sustainable food system.

“The Kibbutzim and moshavim farmers pioneered innovations including drip irrigation, wastewater recycling, biofertilizers and precision agriculture; and export nearly $2.5 billion in crops annually,” says Dan Glickman, former US Secretary of Agriculture. “This conflict has revealed the fragility of farming and importance of ensuring this region can build back better for the future as unpredictability and uncertainty become more common in Israel and around the world.”

More information about corporate and philanthropic investments as well as how to donate can be found at: ReGrow Israel

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