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Aromatic Herb Plants for Every Balcony and Garden

every june, horticulturalists gather at the nl flower trials to present their latest innovations and future developments in pot and bedding plants. hishtil is a regular contributor and this year it displayed the products of its local distributer, mnp flowers, to the two thousand visitors to its pavilion.
eyal klein of hishtil says that the show is one of the highlights of the company’s year long export efforts. preparations include trials in growers’ plots to achieve a diversified range of new products, exposing the results to potential and existing customers and obtaining their feedback. ‘feedback paves the way to deciding in which varieties to invest and which to commercialise’, asserts eyal.




hishtil displayed nine new edible and decorative vegetative herb varieties for gardens and balconies, some of which flower.
in recent years the hobby market for herb and vegetable plants has been expanding. there is already an awareness in europe, and the u.s. market is accelerating due, in no small measure, to the varieties introduced by the migrant population. in the uk, for example, the demand for hot peppers is high due to migrants wanting a ‘little taste of home’. in eastern europe, there is a similar trend due to higher living standards.

hishtil is a market leader in edible vegetative herbs. these meet eu marketing standards. the advantage of hishtil’s products is that they are suitable for growing in pots, which they fill in a relatively short time. thus, consumers can enjoy a wide range of fresh herbs from their balconies or urban gardens.




hishtil’s latest offerings:
a new marketing concept called ‘cascata’™ which include thymus citriodorus ‘cascata™ lemonade’vr, with its delightful lemon aroma and a welcome addition to any garden.


perennials represented by its new gaura lindheimeri summer star series, a compact to dwarfish gaura, suited for pots, with massive flowering in a range of colours.
a full and recently augmented dianthus range of fragrant pot & garden carnations. some products are already available in japan and russia, as part of our drive towards eastern markets.


the new funtastick, which marks the culmination of grafting technology for the small pot hobby market. some varieties have won innovation prizes over the past two years at events such as ipm essen, where visitors were captivated by the funtastick basil tree and pepper tree, and viewed them as supplementing the ungrafted range of products.

hishtil benefits from israel’s ideal herb growing weather: the strong heat and radiation needed for essential oil plants. ‘we can supply seedlings and cuttings before the season begins elsewhere; our competitors must invest a great deal to achieve the same results’, says eyal.




hishtil comply with the strictest eu and us standards for vegetable and organic plants production. its cultivars are from recognised and controlled sources, and the water is of the highest quality. this is particularly important for edible plants and gives us our edge.

hishtil cooperates with its strategic customers who share their advanced genetics and view us as partners to producing novel varieties that can benefit both from israel’s climate and our expertise. being a leader in the grafting industry, our expertise in organic young plant production and rich assortment of herbs make us an innovative and attractive partner. we collaborate over the unique qualities of each variety, particularly our ability to supply products when others cannot. despite the lively competition, hishtil is confident that these partnerships work for its benefit.

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