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Trio – the Vegetable and Herb Revolution

hishtil never rests on its laurels. its development staff is always on the lookout for new products suitable for today’s changing lifestyles and the increased demand for fresh produce.
last year, hishtil launched trio, a packaging line it developed in partnership with ducart evergreen packaging. each package contains a trio of plants for growing easily and cleanly, and hydroponically that are well suited to the kitchen or elsewhere in the home.

the innovative packaging won first prize in the household category of the australian worldstar packaging awards. the judges observed that the packaging encourages consumers to grow their own herbs and leafy vegetables.
the trio launch for our retail customers will take place at forthcoming exhibitions: the ipm in essen in late january and the berlin fruit logistica in early february.
the trio series was developed after a great deal of experimentation to create convenient and effective packaging. together with ducart, which specialises in cardboard liquid containers, we developed a prototype of the current package, which is both waterproof and recyclable.




hishtil’s trio comes in four different series:

– trio salad — salanova lettuce, green and red lettuce, mini-onions
– trio tea — mint, melissa, verbena
– trio herbs — basil, chives, parsley
– trio chef — rosemary, oregano, thyme


the plants grow in water without soil, which encourages rapid growth and maintains a clean growing environment. picking the leaves just before consumption retains taste, vitality, as well as vitamins and minerals. after the plans have grown, they can be planted in pots, on the window sill or in the ground. the package can be reused for young plants.


hishtil has recently added an ornamental plant series that make handsome gifts. instead of buying a bunch of flowers, which wilt in less than a fortnight, you can bring an ornamental plant whose shelf life is considerably longer. begonias, for example can achieve second flowerings and beautify a home for up to six weeks.

hishtil’s ornamental plant series includes pansies, begonias, carnations, petunias, according to season.
naturally, hydroponically home grown plants are pesticide free, high quality in all seasons and have relatively long shelf lives, if the instructions are followed. for example, salanova lettuce, when grown by the hishtil method, retains its freshness even in the summer. if consumers follow the instructions and do not over irrigate, they can enjoy top quality, fresh and ever available leafy vegetables and herbs.

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