Together Pharma – Vision, action, and message for consumers of medical cannabis

The company manages a highly advanced agricultural system that enables supervision of the cannabis using the most advanced technologies


together pharma is a company engaged in the development of a variety of cannabis strains for medicinal purposes, including cultivating the plants, and producing and distributing medicinal cannabis products: inflorescence, capsules, oils, cookies and more.

the company manages a highly advanced agricultural system that enables supervision of the cannabis using the most advanced technologies. currently, the company owns two growing farms, one in israel and the second one in uganda, where our employees diligently oversee the development of high quality, medical-grade cannabis plants that meet not only the stringent israeli ministry of health standards, but also those of the medical bodies in the european countries to where the company is interested in exporting its products.
cannabaliss, the recently purchased subsidiary of together pharma, has ten years’ experience in producing oils and other cannabis-based consumer products and operates a unique treatment center at hadassah ein karem hospital. there, they conduct various studies in the field in collaboration with groundbreaking experts, including professor reuven or.
in collaboration with the “premier dead sea” company, together pharma is also active in the field of cosmetics based on cbd, a component derived from the cannabis plant. the two companies are engaged in the manufacture of unique therapeutic creams that combine the benefits of dead sea minerals and the advantages of cbd.
currently, together pharma is involved in the establishment of a production plant for cannabis products that will meet imc-gmp standards. this will make the company independent of external factors and allow it the ability to progress in the manufacture of high-quality cannabis products in israel with the intention of exporting them abroad.
as mentioned previously, together pharma deals with all the aspects of a growing industry: developing and growing medicinal cannabis, and producing and distributing high-quality medicinal products. the company thus offers some incomparable unique advantages. on the cultivation farms, the company is focusing on developing cannabis varieties based on client’ demands.

the majority of cultivation takes place in greenhouses and used the most advanced technologies under the support of expert agronomists. the company’s products are manufactured in pharmaceutical factory clean rooms, under stringent control, and subject to the most up-to-date standards, all designed to ensure the supply of outstanding medical products.

the company’s distribution network in israel is tailored to distribute the final products through pharmacies, as required by the israeli ministry of health and according to its very strict standards. it has also been structured to meet the distribution requirements of exporting products once the export of medical cannabis from israel will be permitted.
another of together pharma’s advantages stems from its ongoing acquisitions and collaboration policy that is aimed at positioning the country as one of the leading companies in the field of medical cannabis in the next few years. the company’s directors understand that different customers have different requirements for the different products that can be produced from this wonderful plant that include, among others, medicinal creams, oils, cookies, and quality inflorescence, and cosmetic products.
based on this understanding, the company is focusing on all possible markets where it can sell its products.
first and foremost, it aims to be a significant and important factor in the israeli market, which is thirsty for high-quality medicinal products that can provide relief to patients desperate to receive high-quality products. these are products that are manufactured under supervision, free of any factor that can compromise their quality, and easily obtainable.

in regard to supplying medical cannabis in other venues, the european market that together pharma is aiming to break into still seems to be in its infancy. however, all signs indicate that within a few years, it will prove to be an extensive and very substantial opportunity.

according to nir sosinsky, the demand for medicinal cannabis products in existing markets all over the world is growing, and there are those who claim that we are just at the beginning and the horizon appears extremely promising. prevailing trends indicate that the consumption of inflorescence is giving way to other new products from this wonderful plant: capsules, suppositories, ointments, etc. at together pharma, we are attentive to what is going on in the field and are diligently pursuing all possible channels that will expand our activity and attain significant achievements for the benefit of consumers.


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