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"Snacks Vegetables" a Hot and Healthy New Trend

origene seeds is one of the leading producers of vegetable seeds in israel and has now joined western world trends in developing “snacks vegetables instead of fast food snacks”. the company devotes considerable effort in developing mini-size vegetable varieties such as cucumbers and peppers for this growing market. 

the trend, which began with cherry tomatoes, continues with the development of sweet and tasty mini-pepper varieties to produce “snacks”, and these peppers in three colors that will be marketed in special packets as “finger food”. these novel convenient “snacks” are considered healthy food to serve a wide range of different purposes – at work, school or leisure.

hila vaknin who bread these diverse mini pepper varieties for origene seeds notes that the company emphasizes a number of important qualities to guarantee the sweet drops mini-peppers’ success in the market:

  • taste – it has a superior taste making the pepper appetizing;
  • size – medium size, about 3 cm is the optimum;
  • it has a bright and striking color;
  • shelf-life – the company’s varieties have a long shelf-life, the peppers’ appearance is good and they remain fresh with no wrinkles or cracks in their skin even after storage.

the company focuses on the development of the said variety in three colors: red, yellow and orange, which for optimal marketing must ripen simultaneously and in general this important specification is attainable. 

hila continued by listing the advantages of origene seeds’ varieties:

  • tests at the northern negev r&d station have shown that the varieties’ yield is excellent and outstanding when compared to other commercial varieties. the peppers grown showed high standards and a very high percentage of select fruit (grade a) was produced.
  • shelf-life – the life span of the company’s varieties is longer compared to the other varieties tested.
  • when the varieties were assessed in the usa, brazil and in several additional market destinations in europe the results were most favorable. these varieties are relevant only in a developed economies with a high standard of living, and where the knowledge and expertise demanded for this crop’s agro-technical methods exist.

the final objective here is naturally that every mother will be able to give her child a healthy package containing various kinds of vegetables in several colors: cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. the origene seeds company is therefore a partner in producing a healthy meal for the individual consumer.


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