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OriGene Seeds Bolsters Mexican Market Presence, Targeting USA Customers

OriGene Team with mini seedless watermelon "Papagayo"| OriGene Seeds PR.

OriGene Seeds, a global leader in cucurbits varieties, is intensifying its presence in Mexico, a crucial hub for supplying diverse vegetables and fruits to the United States. With about eight years of activity in Mexico, the company has significantly bolstered its position in the last five years.

Moshe Oren, Marketing & Sales Manager of the Mexico & West US, including West Texas, Arizona, and California sheds light on the company’s strategies.
The core focus in Mexico lies in the Northwest and South regions, managed by a dedicated team, which includes Francisco Ledesma Garcia for the North and East regions, Marcos Chavez De La Rosa and Rodrigo Chavez De La Rosa for the Southern region. This team plays a vital role in maintaining close relationships with growers, understanding their needs and providing real-time solutions.

The Mexican team

The Mexican team with Honey Dew melon in North Mexico | OriGene Seeds PR.

OriGene Seeds‘ key products in Mexico are worldwide leading seedless watermelons including watermelon “Essence” – Powdery Mildew and limited irrigation tolerant variety, watermelon “Maxima” – leading seedless variety, watermelon “Proxima” the leading mini seedless variety protected by IP rules and melons, including the special and incredibly sweet melon “Punto”. The company conducts extensive trials in Mexico to optimize its varieties for local terrain and soil conditions. Recently, it has ventured into experimenting with blocky pepper, tomato, and cucumber slicer varieties.

Essence by Origene Seeds

Watermelon Essence | OriGene Seeds PR.

Moshe emphasizes OriGene Seeds‘ strong presence and good reputation in the Mexican market, with market shares exceeding 60% in some watermelons categories.
The company continually adapts to market dynamics for further strengthen its position. Recognizing Mexico as a strategic market, OriGene Seeds invests in developing new and innovative products.
Participating in the Expo Agro Alimentaria exhibition for the first time, OriGene Seeds showcased upcoming products, including tomato resistances to address the ToBRFV virus prevalent in Mexico. The company’s commitment to developing products with added value reinforces its central role in the Mexican market.

Blocky Pepper "Jordi"

Blocky Pepper “Jordi” | OriGene Seeds PR.

OriGene Seeds’ products are distinguished by robust plants that withstand challenging growing conditions, suit the local climate, and offer high yields with Biotic and A-biotic stress.
In terms of marketing, the company has two types of targets in Mexico, one is growers with whom the company performs experimentation to adapt the varieties to their growing conditions. A second target is fresh produce importers that sell to marketing chains, to whom the company presents its varieties and capacity to supply high-quality watermelons year-round.

WaterLemon – Yellow inside

WaterLemon – Yellow inside | OriGene Seeds PR.

In an effort to solidify its position, OriGene Seeds promoted the Essence variety, known for its proven performance, ensuring a year-round supply of high-quality watermelons to the American market from both growing regions.
The company’s continuous engagement with the region, through its sales team, local grower collaborations, quality products, builds credibility and strengthens its reputation among agricultural producers and marketers.
OriGene Seeds looks forward to further expanding its footprint in the Mexican market, capitalizing on its well-established presence and ongoing commitment to excellence.

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