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OriGene Seeds Shines at Fruit Logistica Exhibition: A Glimpse into Brazil and Spain Representations

OriGene Seeds, a global leader in the vegetable seeds breeding and marketing industry, is gearing up for the annual Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin. Roni Allon, the company’s VP Marketing and Sales, highlights the significance of the event, emphasizing OriGene Seeds’ commitment to presenting high-quality products and engaging with growers and distributors worldwide.

OriGene Seeds Iberica (OSI), the Spanish subsidiary, has been established two years ago, has proven its value in connecting with the local market. Amnon Rubin, the Spanish Territory Manager, stresses the importance of personal interactions at the exhibition for Dr. Francisco Javier Núñez Simarro, the OSI General Manager, to establish connections with potential Spanish customers in a neutral setting.
Amnon: “Meetings are planned with cooperatives and private companies, aiming to strengthen partnerships and introduce new products like Blocky peppers, Seedless watermelon, and Piel De Sapo melon. Unique OriGene Seeds products, such as colorful pumpkins, will also take stage”.

Spain Team

OriGene Seeds Iberica (OSI) team

In Brazil, Jose Brito Junior, the country Commercial Manager, highlights that OriGene Seeds aims to meet market demand by offering innovative products. Brito outlines three key areas of focus: R&D field’s test for local compatibility, introducing new technologies and providing resistant products.
Moti Shmueli, Territory Sales & Marketing Manager, underscores Brazil market’s importance due to its large population and growing consumption. OriGene Seeds, breeding leader in melons and watermelons, attributes its success to products with less water consumption, resistances, superior flavor and extended shelf-life.

Brito Brazil

Jose Brito Junior

Mutual work & cooperation among OriGene Seeds Brazil and Iberica are essential for seamless transitions between marketing seasons. Moti mentions a new product launch for Piel De Sapo melon type: the Zafiro, demonstrating OriGene Seeds’ commitment to innovation.

Zafiro is a Classic Piel De Sapo melon that maintains an excellent traditional flavor and provides the grower with a vigorous plant with a high yield. Zafiro’s innovative breeding process assures the perfect flavor, shape, and rind color.

Zafiro Variety


The Berlin Exhibition: A Platform for Excellence
Moti sees the Berlin exhibition as the kick-off for the South America export season, providing a unique opportunity to understand market trends and consumer needs. OriGene Seeds aims to offer a comprehensive solution, considering market conditions, environmental concerns and water scarcity. The diverse product portfolio, ranging from small to large watermelons, seedless varieties, and various skin types, will be showcased at the exhibition.
As OriGene Seeds strives to meet global demands, the Fruit Logistica exhibition serves as a pivotal platform for connecting with industry players, unveiling new products and reinforcing its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions adapted to diverse conditions. Best of luck to OriGene Seeds in presenting its impressive portfolio at the upcoming exhibition!

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