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Russia to Produce Milk Independently without Requiring Imports

The Russian government to establish a consortium of dairy farms in Russia

Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel signed an agricultural collaboration agreement with the Russian Minister of Agriculture, stating that Israel will collaborate with the Russian government to establish a consortium of dairy farms in Russia while integrating advanced technologies that will enable Russia to produce milk independently without requiring imports


As of Q1 of 2018, the Israeli milk industries will be included in the pilot project and later on, in the full project.
Minister of Agriculture, MK Uri Ariel: “The agreement with Russia will benefit expert trainers in the dairy sector, as well as the entire dairy industry.
The yields of Israeli cows are the highest in the world, reaching approximately 12,000 liters per year. Israel has vast knowledge in this field and the government of Russia has the financial and regulatory ability to boost the dairy industry in Russia.

This agreement will give Israeli companies the opportunity to increase their revenue.

Minister of Agriculture, MK Uri Ariel, signed an agricultural collaboration agreement between Russia and Israel with Russian Minister of Agriculture, Aleksandr Tkachov. According to this agreement, Israel and Russia will work together during the pilot stage to establish a consortium of dairy farms in Russia that will include 5000-8000 dairy cows. Israeli experts from the dairy industry will train the Russian farmers and dairy farm managers in order to develop and improve the industry in Russia.


The full project involves an investment of nearly 5-billion dollars to build dairy farms consisting of a total of approximately one-million dairy cows. During the pilot stage, the farms will contain approximately 100,000 dairy cows (for comparison purposes, the dairy farms in Israel contain a total of about 120,000 dairy cows).

During the first stage, Israel companies will be incorporated into the pilot project. This stage is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2018, followed by an assessment of its profitability in the areas in Russia in which the pilot project is run. This will determine whether to continue and to expand collaborations in the subsequent stages.


The project will be run based on the experience, knowledge and expertise of the Israeli staff members, and will incorporate advanced technologies that are relevant for this sector in order to create optimal conditions for milk production in the selected areas in Russia.

Despite the difficult climate, average milk production per cow in Israel has grown significantly in recent years. Israeli dairy farmers use modern equipment and computerized systems to manage their dairy farms. These systems were developed in Israel and are sold all over the world. The sophisticated systems allow farmers to track the health and wellbeing of each and every cow, guarantee optimal conditions for the cows, and maximize the cows’ potential while maintaining their health, fertility and yield. 

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