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Milk project will be founded in South Sudan

The first project of its kind in the country, using complex planning for hydro-electric infrastructure and mobilization of refrigerated milk to the population


A widespread milk project at a budget of 600 NIS will be established in South Sudan and will be the first of its kind in a country whose current daily intake of milk is very low and is based on small farms for local consumption. The project is planned by the ALEFBET PLANNERS   group for Indian entrepreneurs and is expected to integrate a number of Israeli dairy firms.

The project is expected to include five dairies, each with 2000 cows and each close to modern milking facilities. It will be one of the largest on the African continent.


DAPHNA Regev, the director of business development of ALEFBET PLANNERS  , says that planning the project is so complex since is needs many solutions especially in the field of infrastructure: a supply of clean water, a reliable and constant source of electric power, imported or locally made fodder for the cows and also a system that will ensure refrigerated mobilization of the milk and dairy products all over the country

It will also include chilling systems for the dairies in order to provide relief to the cows in the hot weather.

Over recent years dairies based on Israeli models have been established in many places all over the globe, including China, the United States and in Russia. The largest project, which is in Vietnam, vastly changed the amount of milk consumption in that country. The connections between the Indian investors and the implementation of the new project were created through a series of projects in the field of dairies planned by ALEFBET PLANNERS  in previous years in India.

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