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R.O.P Products at an International Packaging Conference

R.O.P's successful presentation at Multilayer Packaging Films 2014 Coference

R.O.P is a leading global supplier of cast Polypropylene (CPP) specialty bags and films. Last October, being a market leader in packaging solutions for fresh produce, R.O.P was invited to lecture at Multilayer Packaging films 2014 – the International conference on advances in flexible packaging technology, materials, and markets that was held Cologne, Germany. Representatives from many countries participated in the conference, including the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Germany, and Australia.


Mr. Gal Wollach, R.O.P’s VP International Sales gave a lecture about new shelf-life extension films for produce packaging which extend the shelf life of vegetables, fruits, and herbs beyond twice, compared to standard packaging or non-packed produce. The lecture was very successful and led to a few joint projects that have already started rolling.


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