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New FreshCast Film and Bags for Cauliflower

R.O.P’s new product is engineered for extending Cauliflower shelf life up to double the time compared to unwrapped Cauliflower.


The new Cast keeps Cauliflower fresh & crisp, preventing decay, shrivel and off-odor up to 12 days and saves weight loss up to 27%.


Based on Multi-layer Cast Polypropylene- Fresh Cast features extreme transparency, high gloss, anti-fog properties and high smoothness. The film strength and impact resistance make it ideal for processing and transporting of the produce.


The Fresh Cast family of films is designed especially for fresh Produce packaging for optimizing shelf life, appearance and preventing weight loss. Fresh Cast combines exceptional mechanical properties for better handling during processing and transportation with superior transparency which meets customers’ desire for clear view of fresh produce.


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