Unique robotic feeding system

Measured feeding increases food intake efficiency, improves animal welfare

Every poultry farmer is familiar with the sight: some chickens grow big and strong, while others simply lie down and die. And they’re also only too familiar with rising grain prices.

“Chickens are the greatest consumers of corn and wheat in the world,” says Israeli entrepreneur Ziv Dubinsky, whose Metabolic Robots startup tackles the interlinked problems of unbalanced consumption and animal welfare.

The Israeli company has designed a completely new technology to provide poultry farmers with an intuitive tool for automatic calibration of the amount and rate of feed dispensed, all in real time. Measured feeding increases food intake efficiency, reduces stress, and improves animal welfare.

The result: significant gains in profitability through optimal feeding and decreased mortality rates.

The company’s first product, the Kai Zen 5 robot and cloud-based data analysis software, calibrates the feed amount and rate according to breed, genetics, animal age and actual food demand in the coop, optimizing the feed conversion rate; that is, the rate at which feed is converted into meat product. Metabolic Robots gives poultry producers a quick ROI (less than one year) and increased revenues (10% to 20%).

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