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Plant Regulator Elongating Rose Stems

Improving rose quality by increasing the flower head size of cut roses

the t.o.g. paste contains a systemic plant growth regulator (pgr) with gibberellin activity (gibberellic acid – ga3), which can elongate stems and increase the flower head size of cut roses. the formulationis packed in a tube including a suitable brush for application. a slight squeeze of the tube will lead paste toward the brush for application. the paste is smeared gently moving the brush width (only 1 cm) uniformly around the flower’s stem or on the bud’s pedicel, according to the purpose of use. penetration of the pgr into the plant tissues increases cell dimensions, elongates treated stems, and increases rose flower head size.


plant growth regulators, which control plant physiological functions and developmental processes, are widely used in various plantcrops and are well known in agriculture. numerous experiments were performed in roses to examine the effect of endogenous pgr, such as auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin and ethylene on plant growth.


these experiments showed that gibberellins play an important role in processes of differentiation, growth, cell elongation and anthocyanin biosynthesis in the plant. application of gibberellins in various experiments performed during the recent years in israel and abroad resulted in increased flower head and stem elongation. nowadays, with the increasing demand for producing and marketing of high quality flowers, the use of pgr with such positive effects on flower head size and stem length without reducing crop yield is veryimportant. the immediate significance of such a treatment is a higher contribution to the grower’s profit.


in early observations performed during 2004 in israel, the efficacy of the t.o.g. paste formulation was examined in various application methods. application of the paste by smearing was found as the best method which did not impair flower or stem quality. in these experiments positive results were obtained, showing a significant extension of stem length (3-8 cm), as well as advanced floweringin a few days.


during the years 2005-2006, semi-commercial experiments and observations were performed with the leading rose cultivars. the results show a significant, positive response in the parameters of stem length, pedicel length, flower head and fresh weight.

in these experiments the application timing in various plant developmental stages was also studied. the plant response was examined during all four seasons and in various rose cultivar groups – ‘sweet hearts’, ‘tea hybrids’, intermediate cultivars.


all the rose cultivars examined responded positively to the paste smearing. no significant color change could be observed in the red, yellow and white uni-colored cultivars following the paste application. on the other hand, color modifications could be observed in the petals of variegated cultivars (‘brady’, ‘n-joy’). also the mercedes’ cultivar responded in color fading during the summer. additionally, harvest time was advanced by 1-2 days following the treatment, as compared with control untreated flowers. no negative effect on the quality and vase life of the cut flowers from the various cultivars was found.


taking into consideration the growth systems, various cultivars, growth conditions, various seasons and the changing levels of prices, the grower should adjust the treatment according to the acquired practice on his farm. if the flower pedicel  longates too much (long neck) the paste can be applied at a lower location on

the flower stem (as detailed below). an optimal treatment should result in a proportional elongation. in any case, it is recommended to examine the effect of the formulation on a small scale prior to its application as a commercial treatment in large scale.


the t.o.g. paste formulation was largely examined during the years 2006-2008 in experiments and observations performed at leading rose farms worldwide in kenya, ethiopia, ecuador and colombia. all treatments, evaluations and examinations were performed according to common standards and the results fully confirm the responses obtained from the experiments in israel.


it seems therefore, that the t.o.g. paste is an excellent product which may serve as a simple and effective means to improve rose flower quality in terms of stem length and head size without affecting crop yield or vase life.


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