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New Watermelon Varieties make Innovate Progress in Latin America

In Latin America The most popular traditional watermelon varieties are the large Crimson type diploids

watermelons are an integral part of latin america’s culinary culture.
during origene seeds “open days” week in early july at the company’s r&d centre at bnei darom israel, we met juan jose muñoz moreno, who has been working for the company for seven years and is its latin america marketing manager, responsible for chile, peru, argentina and colombia, where production is almost exclusively grow to market into the local market.

in latin america – the most popular traditional watermelon varieties are the large crimson type diploids (with seeds). although and despite the conservative attitudes of both the customers and the growers, origene seeds has revolutionised watermelon consumption, particularly in colombia and peru.




to their surprise, growers have learned that origene seeds new watermelon varieties have several unassailable advantages, which have given rise to a consumer revolution.

the advantages include:
– solid & strong  root systems – the new generation of seeds create a massive root system that penetrates the soil and helps the plant obtain water, a precious commodity in latin america,
– better leafy coverage – the new varieties’ vines are large, wide and leafy. it protect the watermelons fruits like a parasol and help avoid ‘sunburn’.
– taste and texture – superior taste and crispiness the traditional varieties.

according to juan jose, ‘the significant high quality of the our new varieties together with the intensive and intimate support we are providing to the growers in their fields has set us apart from other seed companies working in south america’.
colombian and peruvian growers have learned origene seeds advantage and responded very quickly to the change. sales of the new watermelon varieties have increased significantly.

encouraged by the new varieties’ success, two colombian growers attended the open day. origene seeds invited them to be more familiarise them with the company’s workings, growing methods and see actual results in the fields.




origene’s work in south america has been proved to all growers on that continent that the new watermelon varieties are better quality, better yielding, more profitable and, by more popular consumer acclaim, much better tasting. origeneseeds is currently renovating successfully the genetic of watermelons and melons in south america.

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