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New Water Technologies Spotted at the International Pavilion

The international pavilions at VIETWATER 2014 offer an amazing array of water solutions in one place

VIETWATER is considered Vietnam’s no. 1 international water supply, sanitation, industrial wastewater treatment and purification event.

The goal of the international pavilions at the VIETWATER 2014 expo is to make it easier for companies to exhibit together according to their represented countries. VIETWATER 2014 continues expanding in international scope, attracting an ever-increasing number of visitors and exhibitors from every region of the world and offers the services to meet their unique needs. Apart from offering meeting points, it will also showcase the latest advances and prospects that different countries have to offer. The pavilions include Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, France, China, Malaysia, Finland, Singapore, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, and the State of Illinois (USA). This is an excellent opportunity to meet some of the major industry experts in the world.

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