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Netafim Turkistan Project: Kabali

A fruit orchard established on the total area of 550ha, the area was created by 245 farmers from the village “Kabalı” by combining their lands into a single piece. The land consists of 3 different fruit trees, pears on 100 ha, apple 300ha and cherry on 150ha which all are newly planted.

Location: Yozgat / TURKEY

Date of Installation: June, 2012

Total Area: 550 ha.

Crops : Apple, Cherry, Pear

Water Source: River

Energy: Electricity

The land can be very slanted in some places with 35mt level difference. Uniram 20010 50cm 1,6l/h was used as dripper line with two-lines for each row

Water source is a river which is close to the land and the water is first   pumped to 20.000 cubic meter pool. 230ha area is irrigated from this pool by gravity and for the rest, the water is distributed by pumps passing through the automatic filtration system “Filtomat”. The land is controlled by radio-frequency system “RadioNet ”. “Netajet ” and “Fertikit ” is used for fertigation, and “NMC X Large” as the controller unit.

Since the orchard is newly planted, there will be no yield in this year but the tree growth is noticeably better than 2 years old trees and has a strong and a homogeneous root distribution. Only in two-month period, 80.000 USD electricity savings were achieved thanks to Netafim system.

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