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NaanDanJain Takes the Heat Off Livestock

NaandanJain is bringing its expertise in irrigation to a new arena – a cooling system for livestock.

Extreme heat affects not only us humans, but also livestock. In the hot days of summer, cows and chickens, for example, produce significantly less milk and eggs. Additionally, the rate of their growth is negatively affected, impacting the meat output. This decrease in production translates into an economic downturn for dairy and chicken growers.


NaanDanJain develops and sells a water-based solution to this challenge. “What motivates us is what is good for the cow or chicken,” says Maoz Aviv, Senior Agronomist at NaanDanJain Irrigation. “When she gets some relief from the heat and feels cooler, her production has been shown to improve dramatically.”


NaanDanJain is known as a world leader in irrigation systems for crops. But the company is constantly thinking ‘out of the box’ to bring its irrigation know-how to new arenas. We recently reported on the company’s new above ground irrigation solutions for banana nurseries and rice. NaanDanJain has even developed a sprinkler system for cleaning solar panels. The water cooling product for livestock is a natural extension of its irrigation solutions.


NaanDanJain’s cooling system is based on a wide range of unique, tiny micro sprinklers and sprayers which create a fog, or mist, of water droplets in the exact size the animals need in order to chill. The sprinklers are placed in the cowshed and chicken coop, and provide heat relief for the animals in their rest, milking, and eating areas.


NaanDanJain is cooperating with Elisha Kenig and Moshe Broner – leading experts, (NevaTeam company), on a study supporting these claims.


According to Maoz Aviv, the Company’s solution is already being sold in China, Vietnam and Israel. “We have been getting very positive feedback from the customers in the field to our solution, and plan to expand our marketing eforts to additional areas in the world.”

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