Medical Cannabis Farm to be Constructed in Moshav Brosh

SEEDO hi-tech company signed a second agreement to establish an Automated Indoor and Containerized Commercial-Scale Cannabis Farm

Seedo corp., “seedo” (otcqb: sedo), a high-tech company providing the world’s first fully automated and controlled indoor growing machines for the pesticide-free cannabis and agricultural markets, announced today it will establish second fully automated, commercial-scale, pesticide-free containerized cannabis farm in israel.

Brosh farm will be built on an area of one hectare, on which containers enabling automated, closed system cultivation will be installed. the farm’s production capacity is anticipated to reach 12 tons of dry cannabis inflorescence per year, as of the third year, in moshav brosh.
seedo will become a partner sharing in the project’s revenue, and in addition to supplying the equipment, will also provide the entrepreneurs with professional guidance throughout the growth process.

“i am excited of this second cannabis farm agreement of which the company plans to construct” said seedo ceo zohar levy. “we certainly intend to build similar projects in other parts of the world”.

Seedo has already signed an agreement with kibbutz dan for the establishment of an automated growth farm, within 36 months of operation, the project is estimated to produce a minimum of 14 tons of dry cannabis bud, generating an estimated revenue of $24 million dollars.

Seedo is a market leading high-tech company providing the cannabis and agriculture industries with the world’s first fully automated and controlled indoor growing machine. seedo provides growers with the freedom to cut costs while generating high yields of lab-grade, pesticide-free herbs and vegetables. seedo’s ai-powered, turnkey systems enable anyone from average consumers to large-scale producers the ability to grow without prior experience or ample space. seedo is a publicly traded company backed by a group of international investors including cannabics pharmaceuticals and is headquartered in israel.

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