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Hi-Tech Solutions Helping Israeli Growers

Israeli growers leveraging their expertise with advanced hi-tech solutions

The installation of the Priority ERP system at the agricultural export company Arava Export Growers Ltd. has been recently completed by MedaTech Information Technology Ltd. The project includes a Web portal for growers and the implementation of a special marketing module for the agricultural world. Arava Export Growers Ltd is a company which was established by growers to export Israeli agricultural products.


The implementation of this system comprises various modules, including a special module designed for the marketing of agricultural produce. It also provides an answer to the complex business relationships between the marketer, packing houses, and growers and between the marketer and the shipping companies in Israel and abroad. Moreover, the module enables the grower to follow up the shipment from the moment of packing at the grower’s until the arrival of the shipment at the agent’s abroad.

A program that automatically allocates pallets for shipment, thus saving precious time spent on the manual allocation was written as part of the project – according to the specifications provided by Arava Export Growers Ltd. MedaTech also designed a website specifically for growers, enabling the issue of shipping documents; rendering harvest forecasts and viewing reports, with a simple button-click.

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