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Optimizing Fertilization for Sustainable Growth

Farmer, Have you heard that 30-40% of fertilization is wasted and drown to the ground?

Farmers all over the world are struggling with operation costs. In the U.S. fertilizer costs account for approximately 15% of total cash cost but they continue to overuse fertilizers as a standard. Why is that? Is It supposed to increase the farmer’s security?

Traditionally, agronomic practices have leaned towards over-fertilization, often neglecting the invisible yet detrimental consequences. This not only diminishes crop vitality and farmers’ profits but also wreaks havoc on the environment, contributing to issues such as soil salination, water pollution, and heightened greenhouse gas emissions.

Yevul Info presents an innovative solution that combines highly effective fertilization methods with advanced crop management strategies. Over the past few years, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and rigorously testing an AI platform tailored for the Precision Agriculture market.

At the core of our innovation is OPTIMO™, our proprietary algorithm, which serves as a game-changer in the realm of agronomy. This sophisticated tool meticulously monitors crop responses, leading to a remarkable 25-30% reduction in chemical usage. This not only benefits crop health but also has positive implications for the planet while significantly increasing net value for growers.

OPTIMO™ enables our system to swiftly detect subtle changes in crop health, allowing for early intervention—an impressive 10-14 days before any visible signs of distress appear. This proactive approach not only ensures the well-being of crops but also contributes to the sustainability of agriculture by minimizing environmental impact.

Choosing Yevul Info means embracing streamlined operations, continuous monitoring for peace of mind, and proactive alerts regarding health deterioration. The result is an excellent return on investment for farmers who partner with us. Join us in revolutionizing agriculture with cutting-edge technology that prioritizes both crop and environmental health.


A graf showing reducing over-fertilization using OPTIMO™

Figure 1: reducing over-fertilization using OPTIMO™
As you can see in this chart, after a certain point, increasing supply of fertilizer won’t increase the yield anymore. On the contrary, over-nutrition can harm the crop, just like over-nutrition does to us human beings. The black line is how much agronomical protocol recommends, but the sweet spot of ROI and the optimal amount of fertilizer is where the red line is marked.

reducing the amount of fertilizers by 30% using OPTIMO™ under semi-ommercial conditions

Figure 2: reducing the amount of fertilizers by 30% using OPTIMO™ under semi-commercial conditions.


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