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Hebrew University Agri-Tech Fund Invest in Cannabis Tech

Israeli Agritec firm develops the world's first device for non-destructive detection, analysis and sorting of medical cannabis flowers

agrinnovation, the agri-tech investment fund of hebrew university of jerusalem technology commercialization company yissum, has announced an investment in a medical cannabis venture. cannabi-tech is based on research by cofounder and chief scientific officer prof. oded shoseyov, whose technologies are also the basis for other startups, including collplant and fulcrum.


cannabi-tech has developed a device for detecting, analyzing, and sorting medical cannabis plants automatically, without damaging the plant. the company’s technology combines near infra-red (nir) spectrometry with imaging tools, and provides a sensitive method for detecting and quantifying the active ingredients in cannabis flowers, while providing a unique spectral fingerprint for each flower. the system is designed to make it possible to sort cannabis plants according to criteria determined in advance for mass production purposes. an automated unit for adding labels and packaging can also be added to ensure the plant’s full composition and the proportion of the active ingredient from the farmer to the consumer.


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