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PLANETech World 2024 – The Climate Tech Conference

The climate crisis, a critical issue impacting all areas of life globally, was the central focus of PLANETech World 2024, held on June 18 in the scenic Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv. Organized by PLANETech, a nonprofit innovation community formed through a collaboration between the Israel Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group, this year’s conference emphasized accelerating the Israeli climate tech ecosystem and showcasing its resilience.
Noam Sonnenberg, PLANETech Director, highlighted the organization’s commitment: “We support organizations in discovering how their technologies can address climate change challenges while gaining economic value.”
The conference brought together climate leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and academics, united in their mission to elevate climate tech to new heights. Attendees experienced a vibrant atmosphere and engaged with representatives from various startups, passionate about their innovative technologies and future contributions to global agriculture.
The startups spread across two halls at the conference, showcasing innovative technologies in various areas. We chose to highlight those connected to agriculture.

Featured Startups in Climate-Smart Agriculture
Agripass – Low-impact weeding solutions using AI and real-time sensing for plant-level analysis.
Benefit: Enhances soil-preserving practices by performing localized rapid tilling actions.

BetterSeeds– CRISPR-based crop design with efficient gene editing technology.
Benefit: Rapid introduction of desirable traits across crops, enhancing agricultural productivity.

BloomX– Pollination technology as an alternative to bees, using bio-mimicking and predictive algorithms.
Benefit: Improves crop yields and fruit quality, reducing reliance on bees and enhancing food security.

DriftSense– Advanced data science for precise agro-input-driven spray execution.
Benefit: Cost-effective spraying plans that protect the environment while boosting yield and efficiency.

FreezeM– Alternative protein source for animal feed using industrial-scale insect production.
Benefit: Reduces land use for feed crops, consuming organic waste and ensuring stable, year-round production.

Platypus– Greener solutions for pest management with a focus on ecological sustainability.
Benefit: Aids the transition to a circular chemical economy, promoting sustainable agriculture and restoring biodiversity.

Robotic Perception-Robotic Perception’s autonomous farming technology reduces carbon emissions, cuts pesticide use, and eliminates farmers’ exposure to pesticides. Benefits include lower labor costs, enhanced farming safety, and increased efficiency.

SoliDrip– Autonomous drip irrigation system that adjusts to environmental changes and plant growth.
Benefit: Optimizes water use for urban green spaces, enhancing air quality and reducing energy consumption.

Sol Chip– IoT solutions for precision agriculture and industrial processes with ultra-low light harvesting chips.
Benefit: Increases yield, conserves water and fertilizers, and optimizes energy use.

Treetoscope– Precision irrigation technology for orchards.
Benefit: Provides real-time crop water use insights and irrigation recommendations, saving water and energy.

The conference showcased a wealth of innovative technologies aimed at combating the climate crisis and reducing environmental damage. Investors were encouraged to explore these startups and support their groundbreaking work for a more sustainable future.
PLANETech World 2024 underscored the critical role of climate tech in shaping a resilient and sustainable world, setting the stage for even greater innovations at next year’s conference.

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