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Interview with Ginegar Agronomist Zari Gal, on trends in the plastic nets covering industry.

“The plastic net covers industry has grown in the past few years, and in large part this is due to the phenomenon of global warming.” Zari Gal, Agronomist at Ginegar Plastic Products Ltd., one of the most advanced suppliers in the world of plastic covers, explains this transition: net houses for fruit trees are a significant expense for farmers. The main reason for them is protection against hail, which can destroy entire seasons of crops. Due to global warming, we’re seeing hail in many places where before it was a rare phenomenon.”


Although protection against hail is still the main reason growers decide to cover their orchards, today’s generation of plastic covers, led by Ginegar, provide significant benefits beyond protection. “The advanced ChromatiNet (colored nets) in the market today are able to change the spectrum of light so that we can influence the growth of fruit,” explains Gal. The benefits are dramatic, and include larger fruits, improved colors, and changing the time of harvest.

“We all know that fruits are more expensive in the beginning and end of the season, so farmers try to target these end points, to increase their profitability,” explains Gal. The advanced ChromatiNet product is able to delay growth and harvesting, thus extending the crop’s season and increasing profitability for growers.


Ginegar’s products target a wide variety of agricultural applications, with special emphasis on greenhouse covers, mulches, VIF films and also a range of non-agricultural applications.

We asked Gal what makes Ginegar’s product different from competitors. “Our nets are made of HDPE, and the leno nets are higher in density then common nets. The advantage this brings is greater strength and higher resistance to UV radiation, which harms the nets. Our covers are more durable and longer lasting.”


The quality of the covers is a result of many years of experience and skill in design and technology of optimal products. Ginegar supplies customers in over 60 countries on 5 continents.

Another important area of activity for Ginegar is nets protecting crops from insects in vegetables. The OptiNet product blocks penetration of insects in two ways: Insects are repelled by the screen’s optical additives, and physical protection – the fine 50 mesh screen provides a second line of protection.

OptiNet is a patented technology that integrates two methods for protection of greenhouses from thrips and other insects. The dual protection significantly reduces the number of pests entering the structure, while maintaining adequate ventilation This results in both cost savings and benefits to the environment, since less chemical pesticides are needed.


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