First Israeli Mariculture Site Announced

the innovative project will add thousands of tons of fish to the israeli market and help alleviate the shortage of fish.


the extensive agriculture project will include, for the first time, a fish farm at sea (mariculture) and a logistics and management center. the project will extend over 600 hectares and will enable a significant increase in the fish supply.


the project’s plan was prepared by architect ori harel of alefbet, who specializes in projects in agriculture and industry. it includes cages which will be managed using advanced technologies at a distance of 10km from the shoreline, in order to minimize environmental impact. in the case of stormy weather it will be possible to drop the cages deeper into the sea so that the fish are not harmed.


the new project is good news for fish lovers in israel who have experienced decreased supply in the past few years and will add thousands of tons, especially of gilt-head bream, to the israeli market and minimize the need to import from abroad.

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