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ExtendCast XC-Broccoli – Iceless packaging solution

The new iceless packaging solution developed by ROP can reduce the cost of freight, and reduce the risk of ice

When broccoli transportation is concerned, putting ice on top of broccoli is frequently used by local markets and for exports by air freight.
However, this method has many disadvantages.

The new iceless packaging solution developed by ROP can reduce the cost of freight,
and reduce the risk of ice as a carrier of microorganisms that can potentially contaminate the produce.

Most important, it preserves the freshness status and eating quality of the packed broccoli for extended period of time
 (up to one month) at 1-3C; and up to one week at higher shelf temperatures at 16-18oC (61-65oF) by:

• Prevention of crown yellowing and mold growth
• Prevention of stem-end blackening and oxidation                      
• Preservation of firmness and turgidity

ROP specializes in packaging that extends shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables   during transport, cold storage, and at the points of sale 
Liav Bacharach, CEO of ROP Ltd., said that the company is entering into commercial phase
with the largest growers in US who have already adopted this technology in their packaging products and are excited
from the results that this bag gives them in the face of what they were used to in the past. The successful completion of
the product development of ExtendCast XC-Broccoli, which led by the head of the company’s Research and Development Department Dr. Wentao Jia,
 released a new packaging solution for broccoli. The packaging is tailor-made for broccoli based on its respiration characteristics, mass and post-harvest process.




Photos below show how ROP box liner preserved the freshness appearance of broccoli after 32 days at cold storage (3oC).
Full quality inspections including weight loss, color retention, mold growth, firmness, odor, and eating quality were conducted to ensure the real freshness of broccolis.




 Packing day                                                                                 After 32 days at 3C


XC-Broccoli liners were designed to give gas composition of ~10% O2 and ~10% CO2 to preserve the qualities of broccoli and avoid the

development of undesirable off-odor volatiles.
See below graph. 



XC-Broccoli retail bags are for single or twin crowns packaging, suitable for cold storage, shelf life, and the combination.
 The below photos show the quality comparison of broccolis packed in regular LDPE macro-perforated bags and in ROP XC-Broccoli retail bags,
after 6 days at 16oC. ROP XC-Broccoli bags obviously succeed in preserving the greenness of broccolis, as well as other qualities.



                          Packing day                                                 After 6 days at 16C






The above graph of color rate versus shelf storage time is plotted according to the international standard of broccoli color scale.

Both ROP box liners and retail bags preserve the freshness and nutritional values of broccoli, reduce packaging costs and are environmentally friendly.
The packages have exceptional antifog properties and crystal clear presentations, thus increase consumer’s satisfaction and strengthen the brand.


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