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ExtendCast XC-Cucumber

Development of Consumer Packaging for Cucumber that preserve the freshness and nutritional values and reduces costs

ROP specializes in extending fruit and vegetable shelf life during transport, storage and, as a retail packaging, at the point of sale.
ROP has recently unveiled a new packaging for cucumber.


The new packaging for cucumber possesses unique properties that preserve the freshness and nutritional values, reduces costs and is environmentally friendly.

Preserving the fresh state of cucumber for a longer period and increasing consumer satisfaction led the extensive study for development of the optimal packaging solution for Persian/Beit Alfa cucumber. Given that these varieties significantly differ from the common thick skin, waxed, American slicer cucumber or the elongated, shrink wrapped or BOPP macro-perforated bags packed English/European cucumber, there was little data and know-how to rely on with existing literature and practice.


A broad prospective was taken, including learning respiration rates, temperature sensitivity and other specific senescence related factors.
The result of this study is a packaging that outperforms alternative packaging materials.
Beneficial effect of the ExtendCast XC-Cucumber is evident as soon as 7 days after harvest and differences become more significant as time progresses till the 21 days shelf life enabled by using of this packaging.

ROP XC-Cucumber bags are designed to develop favorable gas composition inside to preserve the freshness, crunchiness, natural aroma and flavor of the cucumber packed for extended period of time at 16-17oc by:

– Delaying yellowing

– Preventing dehydration and shriveling

– Preventing development of skin blemishes


The packages have exceptional antifog properties and crystal clear presentation.

Thus, minimizing waste, increasing consumer’s satisfaction and strengthen the brand.

Some key findings:






Severe dehydration of control (naked) cucumber after 5 days in storage



Epidermal deformation continue to develop and these turn yellow (left) after 21 days in macro-perforated bag (upper).


Such phenomena are completely prevented by ExtendCast (lower).

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