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EdenShield Receives U.S. Patent Approval for Nontoxic Ecofriendly Pest Control Solution

The odor of the agricultural crops is camouflaged and prevents the insects from coming close

edenshield recently received patent approval for its nontoxic pest control solution based on the extract of a desert plant. “the u.s. patent approval recognizes edenshield’s innovative, preventative approach to plant protection using ecofriendly desert plant extracts to camouflage the odor of agricultural crops and cause insects to go elsewhere. edenshield proved that spraying its solution around the crop (rather than on it) successfully disguises the odor and prevents insects from coming close, leading to a significant reduction of diseases, viruses, and damage caused by thrips, whiteflies, and tuta absoluta. this reduces the use of conventional pesticides by over 80%,” said guy malchi, edenshield’s co-ceo.


edenshield’s gatekeeper is a sprinkler delivery system for the edenshield net product — installed at the entrance to greenhouses — but does not spray the plants inside. it operates in pulses, several times per hour, during daytime hours in the relevant seasons for pest control. the aromatic ingredients of edenshield net, when applied to the greenhouse entrance and screens, masks the odor of the protected crop and lowers insect attraction.


with sales of gatekeeper in israel and other countries, edenshield recently completed a series of field experiments on greenhouse melons and tomatoes in cooperation with pelemix, a company in the almeria region of spain. presenting at a conference of growers, lorenzo montoya, pelemix director of sales, reported that the first gatekeeper system installed in the melon and tomato greenhouses reduced the penetration of thrips by 75% and whiteflies by 86%. this report follows positive results recorded in similar systems installed in greenhouses in israel, italy, and greece (a significant reduction in the incidence of whiteflies) and an over 80% reduction in the use of conventional pesticides.


edenshield’s products can be used in two ways: the company’s first product, edenshield net, is designed to be sprayed onto the greenhouse screens. the second product, edenshield direct, is designed to be sprayed directly on the plants such as roses and medical marijuana.

according to yaniv kitron, edenshield’s founder and co-ceo, “edenshield is part of two growing trends in crop protection: (1) biological applications and (2) reduced pesticide use either due to the development of pest resistance or the prohibition due to toxicity. the potential for developing agricultural products of plant origin (11%) is underutilized compared with the medical sector (50%).”

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