DryGair Is Tackling One of the Biggest Challenges in Cannabis Cultivation – Humidity

DG-X Provides the Solution to Cannabis Grow Room Humidity

humidity is a major problem in cannabis cultivation. when gone unchecked, high humidity can lead to diseases and molds, like bud rot and powdery mildew. these diseases are extremely difficult to eradicate once they break out, and can ruin entire grow cycles.
cannabis is also highly regulated. so using toxic fungicides to manage mildew outbreaks isn’t a viable solution. furthermore, even the presence of mold will lead to the cannabis failing regulatory testing and be banned from sale or distribution.
this is one of the biggest challenges cannabis growers face today, both in the medical and recreational legal markets.


the solution to humidity in cannabis cultivation
the traditional solution for greenhouses would be to ventilate, in order to release the humid air. but ventilation can’t control humidity at all times, as it requires comfortable conditions outside to be effective.
ventilation is also made more difficult in cannabis greenhouses, as blackout screens are deployed overnight, to provide a pitch-black environment, necessary for proper plant development. this requires intricate and expensive ventilation systems, to allow a transfer of air, without letting light into the greenhouse.

using ventilation to combat humidity isn’t efficient either. greenhouse operators use various heating technologies to maintain an ideal temperature range for their plants. when they release humid air through ventilation, they lose heat too. this means they must continuously reheat the greenhouse, at a very high energy cost.
cannabis is especially susceptible to the effects of humidity. the plants themselves constantly transpire, releasing moisture to the air. but the dense nature of the cannabis buds, and the crowded placement common in cannabis cultivation, traps the moisture. this creates very dangerous conditions, where mold can develop inside the buds, even if the overall humidity level in the greenhouse is sufficiently low.
the only complete solution to humidity in cannabis cultivation is to combine dehumidification, with a constant flow of air through the plants. this ensures humidity never reaches 100%, and condensation never occurs.



the drygair solution to humidity
drygair, a technology developed at the volcani agricultural research organization, has been providing a solution to greenhouse growers for over 10 years.
their solution combines efficient, high-capacity dehumidification, and a patented air circulation mechanism, in one piece of machinery. the technology provides the full solution to humidity, removing over 1,000 liters of water from the air, per day, under the ideal conditions for cannabis cultivation.
the system is based on a controlled condensation method. the drygair unit takes in humid air, and applies refrigeration to cool it down out, causing water vapor to condense. the treated, dry air then passes through a heat exchanger, to regain heat, and is released back to the greenhouse. the extracted water can be collected and re-used.
drygair’s patented air circulation module creates homogenous conditions, even within the foliage, preventing diseases like bud rot from developing in the first place.


indoor cannabis grow rooms create new challenges
more and more, cannabis grow operations are moving indoors to commercial grow rooms. this lets growers further isolate their operations from the weather outside and gain more control over their environment. but it also poses new challenges.
one of these problems is space management. space is much more limited and precious in grow rooms, and every centimeter matters. this means the large dehumidifiers used in greenhouses simply take up too much space to be worth it.
grow rooms are also much hotter than greenhouses. as growers can’t harness the sunlight, they’re required to use large amounts of powerful grow lights. these collectively emit a lot of heat. even relatively efficient lights, like leds.

the differences between greenhouse and grow room conditions mean indoor growers struggle to find an effective and efficient solution to their humidity problems.
dg-x provides the solution to cannabis grow room humidity
in order to provide indoor cannabis growers with a viable way to control their humidity, drygair has recently launched the dg-x, a compact dehumidifier, designed specifically for the challenges and conditions of indoor cannabis cultivation.
it matches the efficiency of drygair’s standard models and provides a large cover area, in a much smaller package. it also offers dynamic placement options, to ensure growers don’t have to give up valuable growing space.
the dg-x comes equipped with drygair’s air circulation module as well, to create uniform conditions in the grow room.
cannabis cultivation requires precision and control. as the cannabis sector grows and evolves, it’s important for supporting technologies to move forward as well, and provide innovative, and more importantly, efficient solutions to the most pressing problems.


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