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Croptune uses innovative technology for monitoring nutrient deficiencies

Croptune provides immediate fertilization recommendations for various agricultural crops via smartphone

Croptune uses innovative technology for monitoring nutrient deficiencies in the field and provides immediate fertilization recommendations for various agricultural crops via smartphone
The unique technology will be added to the product mix of Haifa Group, sold in over 100 countries while strengthening its core values of innovation and knowledge sharing.
The app is compatible with Apple and Android systems and is available in the App Stores as well as through Haifa distributors, for a discounted price.


The revolutionary of Croptune, developed by the startup company AgrIOT and empowered by the Haifa Group, integrates science and technology and enables the identification of deficiencies of the three major nutritional elements of plants (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). In this era of technological developments and rising demand for agricultural production, precision farming has become of great interest. Croptune is a simple, easy-to-use decision support application to reduce costs for farmers while improving the tagging of nutrient deficiencies and protect the environment.
Haifa’s global distribution network, based on 17 subsidiaries and our local agronomists, are dedicated to spreading the product across the globe. Croptune is available in the application stores or through Haifa’s distributors, at a discounted price.


Current protocols for measuring nutrient deficiencies in the field rely on sending samples to the laboratory. This procedure is time-consuming and cannot provide growers with real-time decision support. Croptune solves this problem by using a unique technology that allows real-time, on-site identification of nutrient deficiencies by using a regular smartphone. Croptune uses images taken with any smartphone with machine learning and big data, to calculate nutrient uptake, then used to provide fertilization recommendations. Croptune currently supports analysis of diverse field crops including lettuce, carrot, bell pepper, tomato, potato, cucumber, onion, cotton, rice, wheat, maize and orchard crops, including avocado, banana, pear, cherry, peach, nectarine, clementine. Additional crops like soft fruits and greenhouse vegetables will be added during 2022. By using Croptune, farmers worldwide will be able to identify nutrient deficiencies, directly in the field for the first time.


Motti Levin, CEO of Haifa Group: “Croptune is a significant breakthrough in precision agriculture and will lead to a dramatic increase in nutrient use efficiency wherever it is applied. This product has great potential and benefits both the farmers and Haifa’s official distributors. Nutrient use efficiency is the most complex and worrying issue the agricultural world faces, and we anticipate great demand for this state-of-art technology.”


According to AgrIOT’s Chairman of the board and Co-founder, Nir Gilad: “When AgrIOT was established, its goal was to make every grower in the world an expert. The system’s proven ability to reduce the amount of fertilizer consumed by approximately 30 percent, without harming crops, presents tremendous benefits. In addition to economic benefits for growers, it optimizes agricultural input and culminates in a tremendous contribution to preventing soil, air and groundwater pollution around the world. Motti Levin was the first to recognize the need for access to the ground-breaking technology that we at Croptune have created for farmers worldwide, as part of the Haifa Group strategy to be a significant international player in the field of precision agriculture and environmental protection.”


About Haifa Group
Founded in 1966, Haifa Group specializes in the production of advanced technological solutions for agriculture. The Company is a global leader in specialty fertilizers, with the Company’s products being sold in over 100 countries worldwide through 16 subsidiary companies dispersed across the globe. The ‘Haifa’ brand is a symbol of quality and cutting-edge innovation in the global agriculture industry, with the Company’s product portfolio comprising specialty fertilizers for agriculture, technology products for various industrial applications and thermosolar power stations. The Group’s R&D and production centers are located in Israel, and the company has 5,000 direct and indirect employees.


About AgrIOT

Founded in 2017, AgrIOT is the developer of Croptune, located in the Negev Regional area. The company’s technology specializes in real-time monitoring of plant nutrient uptake via smartphone cameras. AgrIOT is owned by Nir Gilad, Assaf Sufa.


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