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Exhibiting open field Mediterranean varieties- second year in a row

The past few years have summoned upon growers in general and fresh produce in particular many challenges. From the decrease of the currency rate, the increase of human resource input to climate changes, and in the past two years -Covid-19 and the Russian- Ukraine war. Different seed companies have recognized the need to assist the growers and provide them with fitted solutions.
This is the second year that Zeraim Gedera Syngenta organizes a show of new open field varieties, similar to what is known in the Netherlands as ‘mini field of innovation’.

According to Tamir Basson, IL Marketing Operations Lead, the goal is to traditionalize the exhibiting of commercial varieties alongside new varieties adapted for different seasons and uses. In this years’ display the company has chosen to show all of their open field varieties such as- cabbage, cauliflower, squash, lettuce and kohlrabi.

The show is also a chance for the professional team to encounter the company’s clients throughout the value chain-growers and buyers, to listen and understand their needs. It is also in the company’s best interest to exhibit its main characteristics and advantages such as high yield crop, resistances packs and long shelf life.



Lior Kushnir, company CEO reinforced Basson and added that the idea of exhibiting a new variety of innovative produces, similar to the one that takes place every 39th week in the Netherlands, with the slight difference of exhibiting Mediterranean adjusted species is a “vision come true”. According to Kushnir, it took the specialists and the professional teams quite some time to adjust the varieties to the local conditions, develop new genetic durability and to build a wide enough portfolio suited to the Israeli open field growers. Only once they have developed enough adapted varieties, they have decided to run the show.



The show was also an opportunity to meet Lital Weizman, who after fifteen years in the company’s sales department becoming the commercial unit manager of vegetable seeds business unit Israel. According to Weizman, Zeraim Gedera Syngenta is the leading company in the vegetable seed market in Israel, its constant goal being adjustment to the growers and market needs.
In the aspect of the show Weizman emphasizes that the company has put in major efforts in order to bring all the crops to a well, even appearance all at the same date. The focus is, and always will be to read the markets changing needs and dynamics, bring solutions to the growers needs and to stay on top of the list of leading seed companies in Israel.
Zeraim Gedera Syngenta consists of a wide professional team, their main job being to endow confidence in the local growers. They do so by providing the growers with stable varieties and a team of professional agronomists to assist them with every step of the way. In the past two years, despite the different challenges, the company has proven once again to be ahead of others, innovative and inventive.

Thank you for visiting this year’s show, looking forward to seeing you next year!


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