Cannabis Dehydrator

The Juran Cannabis Dehydrator significantly shortens drying time

the cannabis flower at the time of its picking, has a relative humidity of about 80-85%. to reach the desired humidity of about 13% required for further processing, the flower must lose about 77% of its weight. in commonly used dehydration-rooms, it takes about 8 – 12 days for this to happen, sometimes even much longer.


the juran cannabis dehydrator significantly shortens drying time.  even at a low wind speed setting of 4m/s, with an average temperature of 18-25°c and humidity of 36-40%, cannabis dehydration time is shortened to three days. at an elevated temperature of 80°c, cannabis dehydration can be accomplished within 15 to 30 hours.

these figures may vary slighlty depending on such factors as type of desired product (medical cannabis, hemp etc.) production location, climate conditions, state of the raw material, use of heat and wind, and so on.
the bottom line is, with juran cannabis dehydrators you can  significantly shorten cannabis drying time !

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