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The ii.ri features a smart and user-friendly App for both IoS and Android platforms

Water is an essential resource for humankind and all existing life on our planet.
In recent years, we have been witnessing limited natural resources which are becoming scarcer and the access to clean, safe, drinking water is becoming an issue.

Water must be managed wisely to guarantee equability for future generations to come.


For over 50 years, Baccara has been devoted to developing and manufacturing products for water management, providing valuable products to the irrigation market.

Baccara has launched a series of new products which along with the ii.ri, will contribute to this market.
The ii.ri features a smart and user-friendly App for both IoS and Android platforms, having a wide range of logic irrigation plans and unique options to help sustain healthier landscapes and maximize crop growing yields, making the most of every drop of water.


G75-VM manifold


This smartphone operated controller is compatible with a wide range of valve sizes and port sizes, has no display, and by pressing the button on the top, allows to pair the smartphone to either IoS or Android. The simple, smart software does not require a pairing code to connect and suits a wide range of logic irrigation plans. Equipped with a ¾” UNEF male thread, the ii.ri is compatible with most valves from 1/8” to 2” range. The IP68 class ii.ri controller is supplied with a Li battery which can be easily replaced and the controller automatically shuts off on low battery.


G75-A3P    IIRI – Smartphone Operated



Baccara’s new G75-A3P, an innovative 3 ways plastic solenoid valve featuring multiple positioning Manual Override (Open – Auto – Close) for 2 and 3 ways latch valves. This manual mechanism guarantees correct positioning of the latch coil safely. This new 3 ways solenoid valve suits a pressure range from 1 to 10 bar. It offers a wide range of orifice sizes up to 2.40 mm on NO or NC configurations.


The G75-A3P is a perfect solution for garden watering, agricultural irrigation applications, water filtration and water treatment.

The G75-VM, is new 3 way direct operated solenoid valve with a modular assembling feature for manifolds. The manual connection design suits an easy and friendly mounting for up to 10 stations. It allows a fast manual connection and guarantees optimal sealing for conveying air and water at industrial, mining, landscape and farming applications.


The G75-VM withstands a working pressures up to 10 bar and features a manually operated – 3 positions Open – Auto – Closed. This solenoid valve is available in NO and NC configurations and available as Latch or AC, within ambient temperature range from
 -100C to 500C and fluid temperature range from 50C – 500C.

For more information please contact us via our website: http://www.baccara-geva.com/
Or send us an e-mail at: water@baccara-geva.com

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