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Filtration Wisely Selected Ensures Optimal Performance Of Your Irrigation System

Yamit Filtration – The Choice Of The Global Irrigation Leaders

The most important pre-requisite for any irrigation system is clean water, ensuring clog-free pipelines and nozzles. Proper water filtration prevents organic , un-organic and sand particles from being sucked through the pumps into the irrigation system, thus allowing continuous irrigation and fertilization (fertigation).


One of the most common problems in irrigation systems is the clogging of low pressure nozzles (Drippers and micro-sprinklers) – this may cause energy waste (due to increased demand for higher flow rate to offset the lost capacity), impede operations and finally negatively affect crops quality. Efficient filtration can prevent these problems completely.

Yamit’s filtration solutions for irrigation are designed to serve the various agricultural applications as well as landscape, municipal and private gardens.  



Yamit filters protect irrigation systems by removing solids that may clog the emitters – from small passage drippers and micro sprinklers to center pivots and sprinklers.The filtration technologies selected cover the entire needs of these specific market segments.

Our media, screen, and sand separation technologies are designed specifically to suit the protected equipment as well as the irrigation water sources – rivers, reservoirs, canals, wells, treated waste water – each with its own challenges. 



 Yamit Filtration – The Choice Of The Global Irrigation Leaders
Manufacturing High Quality Filtration Solutions for the Past 30 Years, Thousands of Installations Worldwide,
A Large Selection of Screen, Media, Automatic, Manual and Semi Automatic Filters and Hydro Cyclones.


Yamit Filtration – Features
Water Sources: Well, River, Reservoir,  Canal, Recycled wastewater.
Serving All Applications: Drip Irrigation, Micro Jets, Sprinklers, Center Pivot ,Tertiary Treatment. 

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