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Dosing Pumps as Crucial Equipment for All Requirements

Tefen's Dosing pumps also aid researchers at Haifa Chemicals' R&D greenhouse

Tefen has been the leading producer of dosing pumps for more than 40 years. They manufacture a quality line of hydraulic dosing pumps, and have expanded their product list with electric and peristaltic dosage pumps.
MixRite, Tefen‘s family of dosing pumps, is intended for customers interested in improving their systems’ performance in different areas such as fertilization, medicines & vaccines for livestock, water treatment, platforms sterilization, washing cars and various industrial applications.

Tefen‘s products meet the most stringent standards in Israel and abroad, and are sold very successfully to customers in 50 countries through an extensive distribution and marketing system that also provides, guidance and technical support.
Emphasis on quality of products and the level of customer service is the essence of Tefen’s activity. Their advanced engineering department works tirelessly to fit solutions to customers’ unique requirements.
An example of this activity is the cooperative effort of the engineering department with the R & D of Haifa Chemicals, which conducts its research and experiments at ATLIT, dealing with matching different fertilizers to various yields using different growing methods:  greenhouses and open fields.
Since the goal of fertilization is to enrich the soil and plants with minerals that encourage growth,

Tefen‘s dosing pumps provide an excellent solution for efficient, precise dosage of fertilizers, thereby maximizing the irrigation process. Tefen’s work teams and Haifa Chemicals cooperate to offer growers the required recommendations.
Haifa Chemical’s greenhouse at ATLIT is equipped with sophisticated measurement and control systems, including reverse osmosis that provides totally pure water, making it possible to set water composition according to research requirements: The Array Plant system enables separate irrigation of each plant and follow up of various measures; 500 liter containers filled with inert growing media, and other systems.
The experimental greenhouses are flexible, enabling matching the optimal system to each experiment, including hydroponics in which plants grow in water without solid media, and are nourished by a feeding solution that is circulated over the root system, testing various fertilization programs with soluble fertilizers.

Fast growing plants make it possible to grow many crops over short periods of time. In 500-liter containers it’s possible to grow vegetables for extended periods, testing several fertilizer treatments over many repetitions. These repetitions improve the statistical significance of the results received. Furthermore, in a single experiment it’s possible to compare different fertilizing methods, e.g., Fertigation compared to slow release fertilizer hidden in the soil. These studies also allow testing of foliage fertilization and bio-stimulants with various plants.

Haifa Chemical’s R&D department has proven that the Tefen’s latest development, the MixRite E300 pump, improves dosing of the material required for good fertilization. The pump is installed outside the supply line and does not reduce its pressure, allowing dosing of 320 liters/hour up to 7 bar pressure. Control is possible using any external irrigation controller, it’s reliable due to a strong mechanical structure, displays good durability in field conditions, such as sun exposure, etc., durability to chemicals, and simple, easy maintenance.
Tefen has worked for years in cooperation with the best minds and talents to offer its customers the very best technological developments to support their efforts.

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