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Medikana - Cannabis based data platform

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the health care system today has two main problems: less time for the patient and less personalized approach. in the traditional pharmaceutical industry, we search the cure for many illnesses in one dimension: single molecule and targeted site. i was a classical researcher for many years working on many projects in the fields of cancer and viral infection. it was only after i entered the medicinal world of the cannabis industry, i understood that every illness has multiple dimensions.

cannabis-based medicine should refer as a “whole person therapy”. whole person therapy involves mind and body. since thc and cbd, the main and well-known active molecules in the plant change the state of our body as well as our mind. i believe that every illness can be treated first by the body itself. cannabis active components can support the body on his way to recovering.



as a classical pharmaceutical professional, i was involved in clinical trials that support cancer patients undergo chemotherapy treatment. during the clinical trial i had to evaluate many psychological questionnaires. all questionnaires were a numeric scaling of psychological state as well as physiological ones. in fact, we now can measure feeling and state of mind by measuring brain activity.


most of the doctors i reached out to did not had the time to figure out how to deal with those two perspectives. most patients consuming cannabis are treated after being diagnosed via care givers. those care givers are the ones that can see beyond the patient medical file.

this accumulated knowledge needs to be translated into conventional health care tools. this huge data is complicated to be evaluated by human and need to be more accurate. for that reason, i established “medikana” the biggest data base for patients in the health care.

medikana data acquisition platform will translate every aspect of the patient condition. this platform will engage even the patients themselves by tracking and updating their condition by filling follow-up questionnaires and even uploading their medical records.

“medikana” platform will serve not only as a tool for tracking patients’ symptoms but also as tool which will enable to analyze patient’s mental care. in the future this big data platform named “medikana” will be the real personalized medicine. big data will allow us to build a more precise prediction model for diagnosing patient condition and i truly believe that it will completely change the health care system as we know it today.

every link in the supply chain from the extraction facility through the gmp production, pre-clinical and clinical validation data to the end user, the costumer, will be connected through the same system. at the consumer level: accumulation of a big data composed of variety of parameters such as:  age, gender, illness, symptoms, nutritional characterization of the patient, type of delivery system per used product, microbiome profile – integrating those parameters into medikana will eventually allow us to build a prediction model.



medikana prediction model will serve not only as a diagnostic tool but also could predict the most accurate product and delivery system for the patient. this is the true meaning of personalized medicine since i don’t think that an in vitro screening system for each target such as specific receptor will have the real patient`s condition.
most doctors diagnose patient partially through examining patient history and personal acquaintance. medikana acquisition platform will enable a personal follow-up both for the patient and for doctors.
personalized medicine is often used in terms of a more precise treatment for specific pathology. i personally believe the personalized medicine should be defined by the end product delivered to the patient.

the end product will no longer be different products for each specific problem but an integrated product that will gather all necessary ingredients from different therapeutic field. integrated product will be composed from: pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and even cosmetical ingredients as well as mood stabilizers. since today i am engaged in the cannabis industry, i find that cannabis based products can serve as a model for such integrated product. for example: cannabis or hemp (the law % thc strain) contain over 30% fat.

they are exceptionally rich in two essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). hemp seeds are a great protein source, as more than 25% of their total calories are from high-quality protein. that is considerably more than similar foods like chia seeds and flaxseeds, whose calories are 16–18% protein.

cannabis-based products are a good example for the whole person therapy and using medikana as data acquisition platform first will serve as preliminary validation for the whole person therapy and second will give credibility and evidence-based treatment for cannabis -consuming patients.
we are at an era of innovation and technology that needs to scale up the way and the rate of how our health care system treats patients.


the article was published in #2 edition cannabis2020

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