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Water and Food Security the Focus of Talks

Israeli-Indian-Australian collaboration to promote food and water security

shimon peres, former israeli president, has launched a special water and food security project as part of a trilateral cooperation with australia and india.

on nov. 7, peres concluded a three-day visit to india for talks with prime minister narendra modi announcing ‘creating a second green revolution in india’.

the collaboration involves ananta aspen centre, india, pratt industries, australia, the peres center for peace and tel aviv university. it aims to provide more food and clean water for both irrigation and drinking, as well as making india’s food chain more efficient.
jamshyd godrej is chairman of the ananta center, an independent ngo seeking positive change in the indian society.

he said during the speech “the cooperation with israel and australia can further promote the green agriculture revolution declared by the indian prime minister and today (nov. 7) we are laying the corner stone on this important initiative in this respect,”.
peres also added that israel is a world leader in advanced agriculture and water solutions, and has adopted high-tech developments in the industry to rise above the country’s lack of water and land.

“israel’s lack of natural resources forced us to base our development on the only resource we had, the human resource,” he said during his speech.

“like israel, india is also lacking of clean water and land and like israel, not lacking the human resource.

“our two countries share deep friendly relations and the goal of this project is to introduce better technologies to the wide agriculture sector of india. together with our partners, we will do our utmost to bring the latest companies with the best technologies form the three partner countries in the field of water and food security for the benefit of the indian farmers.”


via, published on november 7, 2014. click here for the original article.

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