The Revolutionary Way to Purify Air

One major aspect of growing spaces is often neglected: air quality

when optimizing for a high-quality cannabis crop, growers concentrate on plant nutrition, water quantity, genetics, and lighting fixtures. while all of these components are critical to maximizing yield and maintaining a successful operation, one major aspect of growing spaces is often neglected: air quality.

air contaminants have become a prominent point of discussion in the cannabis growing community since indoor growing environments are ideal breeding grounds for microorganisms that can harm the crop, employees, and the customer. linc, a cannabis project management and agronomy support firm with a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, has recently partnered with airsniper, a canadian based air purification company, to help educate clients on air quality and provide the necessary tools to combat common contaminants including mold, mildew, and other diseases. no matter the scale of your operation, eliminating harmful contaminants is pivotal in creating environmental stability so that your plants, employees, and business are healthy and profitable.

one reason air purification may not be prioritized as highly as it should be, is because a new facility has a much lower risk of air contamination. but with every crop rotation, new plant material enters the facility, increasing the risk of airborne contaminants. these microorganisms, which include mold, powdery mildew, botrytis, fungi, and other microbial compounds, may harm both plants and humans. contaminants can enter facilities via employees or hvac systems. unfortunately, greenhouses and indoor growing spaces are excellent breeding grounds for these microorganisms and contaminants can quickly compromise your entire operation. this is why air purification technology is essential in ensuring that your plants are healthy from the onset and your operation is set up for success.

we recommend the airsniper purification system because it uses uv technology to continually kill airborne contaminants, eliminating any potential risk. this is unique from other systems that just trap harmful substances. airsniper does not use ozone, a popular chemical for air treatment that can lead to chronic respiratory diseases. another benefit of airsniper’s innovative air purification system is that its uv technology can be catered in a specific way to appropriately address large air quantities and in the greenhouses. the airsniper can be installed into your hvac system or as a stand-alone unit.



airsniper doesn’t just work to protect the health of your crops but the wellbeing of the clients and workers in your growing spaces, service facilities, and drying/processing areas. some of the pathogens it can destroy include staphylococcus epidermis, influenza a (h1n1), and even sars-cov-2, which causes covid-19. as buildings and facilities continue to pay much closer attention to air quality/circulation as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, airsniper (which has been third party tested) will serve as a key tool in addressing these new challenges and allow your business to continue to operate in future pandemics.

when thinking about a final product used by consumers, it is important to consider the fact that whatever is in the air will make its way onto and within the plant. thus, having a room which is clean and purified is crucial to maintaining a high-quality product that meets health and safety regulations. air purification is therefore a necessary insurance tool used to safeguard the health of both product and workers. 

professional plant growing has a lot of nuances, overlooking them hurts your bottom line. linc understands what it takes to run a successful operation and has provided expertise on cannabis operations across the globe. drawing from years of extensive experience in the medical cannabis industry, linc has seen that farms that lack intentional design or do not prioritize cleaning protocols are much more vulnerable to mildew, mold, and other diseases that can be very expensive and complicated to remediate. when designing facilities with these issues in mind, linc is uniquely positioned to help farmers build their operations to ensure maximum crop protection while meeting local cannabis cultivation regulations and quality standards like medical cannabis gap and gmp. linc offers clients an a-z approach from the ground up with products from air sniper and others to set up an optimized cannabis growing environment. we firmly believe that the airsniper system is worth the upfront investment to ensure maximum crop yield, profitability, and quality.


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