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The Minister of Agriculture Visit at FreshAgroMashov

Last week, Yair Shamir, the minister of agriculture visited FreshAgroMashov exhibition

Yair Shamir, Minister of Agriculture, visited the pavilion of the Origene Seed Company at the FreshAgroMashov exhibition that was held last week in Tel Aviv.


Origene Seeds is an international seed company that is active in plant breeding, research, seed production and processing. The company’s main focus is on developing hybrids with novel traits. It mainly offers cantaloupes, seedless and seeded watermelons, squash and pumpkins, Bet Alfa type cucumbers. Those hybrid varieties are for greenhouse growers, the commercial outdoor, and for plant raisers.


Another company in the forefront of Israeli agricultural progress, which exhibited in a very large booth in the center of the fair, is Zeraim Gedera, part of the global Syngenta Group, a leading global agro-chemical group. Inbal Avraham, a senior company official, told us that the company decided to participate at the Fresh Agro-Mashov exhibition, as they do each year in order to make contact with buyers from different parts of the country and to inform them about the best products they have.
Avraham talked mainly about the exhibition as a lever to strengthen ties with the growers in a year in which the company has decided to concentrate on introducing the company’s new seeds of quality tomato species to the growers expecting that we will see them in a bowl of salad in the coming year all over the world. Exports, especially the sharp increase in the quantities of fresh produce exported to Russia, that became the focus of attention at the opening session of the exhibition in the presence of senior marketing people in Russia, buyers from food chains and Eduard Vertianov, the Head of Trade & Economic Mission of the Russian Embassy in Israel. 

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