Optimizing Root Development in Cannabis Cultivation Processes

" Healthy and strong roots = happy plants " more roots= more canopy; more canopy= more yield!

this is the most important key that growers are working very hard to achieve, already from the first stages in any crop & plants cultivation process.
with cannabis crop processing, this factor is more important, since the time frame of the entire cultivation process is very short, each square meter is very expensive for operation, does not allow any “mistakes” and has high requirements regarding plant and flower health.


pelemix is known as one of the world leaders in production and marketing of coir substrate for cannabis and medical cannabis cultivation, with its cannamix products series, which includes:
– various types of grow bags, with different volumes and material structures
– special growing cubes for indoor and “sea of green” growing methods.
– rooting & growing cubes in different sizes for the vegetative stage


over the past two years pelemix developed the bio d bags series for the cannabis market.
these bags were developed to replace & reduce traditional plastic bags, which have been and still  the main alternative in the substrates industry for a very long time.

the bags are made from fabric that contains cotton fibers combined with none-woven synthetic fibers held together with a special glue formulation. the fabric has ” micro holes” throughout which allow air and water to move ” in and out of the bag.”



different types of fabrics are available for different uses: rooting and vegetation / flowering.


– roots air pruning – maximum effects for roots development; the roots spread and use most of or the entire substrate volume; strong “hair and mini roots” development induces the intake of water and nutrition, encouraging much greater number of effective roots per liter of coir substrate.

– optimal air/water ratios – air can move in and out of the bag sides. this movement increases the oxygen levels in the substrate itself, which effect the development and health of the roots.

– this fabric greatly helps lower the temperature of the substrate during hot seasons / periods, due to the option of ” hot air” evaporating through the micro holes in the fabric itself.

this is an important game changer compared to the use of ordinary plastic bags. 
 – flexibility with irrigation + fertigation methods and cycles.
– option and efficiency when using with flooding tables systems.
– clean area – no or minimum coir micro particles in the drain water; allows growers to sterilize and recycle much cleaner drain water.
– the micro holes in the fabric allow spraying the coir from the outside the bag, if needed.



bags made from degradable and composable materials, while exposing to sun radiation and moisture helps to reduce the use of plastic in the cannabis industry. crop cycles in the cannabis industry are very short compared to vegetables, flowers or even fruit trees that are grown in plastic bags or containers. short cycles mean a vast amount of plastic and containers polluting the environment – the bio d bags are a favorite solution to this problem.




additional advantages of the vegcubes for the vegetative stages:

– fast rooting in the mini cubes after transplanting from the propagation stage.
– optimal “hardening” stage – strong and fast roots development. oxygen does wonderful job with coir, as it contains short fibers and a fine dust remove material structure.
– roots air pruning in low volume cube – tremendous effects with the roots spreading through the low volume growcubes – this increases the time frame which a small clone can establish itself and develop during the vegetative stage. the main concern regarding difficulties with the optimal supply of air and water becomes relatively negligible in light of the fabric’s ability to absorb water and enable its relatively quick evaporation, allowing the grower to control the parameters of substrate moisture and air levels within it.
– the same applies to  the bags mentioned above for the flowering stage – degradable and compostable, while exposed to radiation and moisture.



way to go…..

the cannabis industry has become the locomotive that drives the agriculture, and particularly, the horticulture industry, in everything related to the development of growing technologies, indoor crops, artificial lighting, improving growing and growing processes.


pelemix invests in such developments related to its worldwide activities in different agriculture sectors. the current development for the cannabis industry will slowly be adapted to other sectors – specifically for industrial vegetables,  soft fruits and flowers cultivation, as well as the relevant commercial nurseries and other relevant segments.

for more info:


the article was published in medical cannabis 2022 digital issue. 

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