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New Solenoid Manifold by Tefen – Reducing Assembly Time by More Than 70%

Until now, manifolds were assembled using tubes & fittings which is a labor & time consuming process. Moreover, the preparation for assembly required additional preparations such as tube cutting to a specific length, disassembly of connector nuts, assembling the connectors & aligning the system. In some cases, even an entire disassembly of the manifold was necessary in order to adjust spacing & alignment. Therefore, Tefen took this challenge to design a solution that will make the process fast, easy, and more efficient.








Tefen Solution
Tefen’s new solenoid manifold requires minimum preparation; no need for tube cutting, spacing can be adjusted and it utilizes less parts in comparison to the old system. As a result, Tefen’s new solution reduces labor time and cost, does not require preparation and therefore, reduces assembly time by more than 70%.
Tefen’s new solenoid manifold offers fast, easy & flexible solution.

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