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New Seed Species presented in Hazera Genetics Annual Open Day Event

Open Field: Varieties on display in the field

Hundreds of farmers from all over Israel, and a group of farmers from the Palestinian Authority,

participated in the beginning of July in Hazera Genetics’ Open Day at Yavor Farm, an event held

for the tenth year in a row that has become an annual tradition


Hazera breeders showed growers the varieties the company has developed especially for open

field cultivation, and conducted tours of the fields enabling participants to see the varieties close

up and learn about their growing conditions. The varieties shown during the open day

included tomatoes, peppers, melons, watermelons, brassicas, lettuces, eggplants and more.


Hazera’s Open Day also attracted visitors from overseas – delegations of foreign distributors from

the fresh produce industry and seed companies, including participants from Balkan states, South

American countries, Russia, Greece and more, who evaluated the varieties’ suitability for the markets

in which they operate.


According to Itzik Ezra, Manager of the Israeli Market at Hazera Genetics: “The ties between

Hazera’s breeders and growers are of paramount importance, and we do our very best to meet market

requirements and provide them with the highest quality varieties, both flavorwise and resistance-wise”.

Ezra added: “Hazera Genetics is constantly working to develop new varieties that will meet the very highest

standards for the benefit of our customers”.


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photos: Hadas Amit, Hazera Genetics

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