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Netafim Opens Manufacturing Plant in Valencia

Spain, currently in the midst of a major financial crisis, warmly welcomes establishment of the new facility.

Netafim, the world’s largest irrigation company, announced today the opening of a manufacturing plant in the Spanish port city of Valencia.

Netafim maintains the largest share in Spain’s drip irrigation market. The company constructed the new facility due to significant growth in the country. “Netafim has been working in Spain with a local distributor, Regaber, for over 35 years,” said Mordi Schwartz, Netafim’s Spain and Portugal Regional Manager. “The plant’s establishment is an important milestone for the growth and continued success of our products in the country.”

Spain’s deep financial crisis is heavily impacting on many of the country’s industrial sectors. Tourism and agriculture, the sector in which Netafim operates, are the only two areas that have been hit relatively lightly. Local authority representatives throughout the country congratulated Netafim on the opening of the plant, which will employ dozens of workers at a time of high unemployment and deep recession.

 Netafim’s Chairman of the Board, Rudolf Weber, and CEO Igal Aisenberg, along with local government representatives and Netafim customers from other areas will attend today’s ceremony marking the opening of the plant

The new plant will support Netafim’s expansion plans into Portugal and North Africa, and will satisfy regional growers’ increasing demand for Netafim’s drip products, Schwartz said.

Netafim recently built a plant in Lima, Peru, to meet the rapidly rising demand of the Peruvian market. Netafim also recently built a second manufacturing facility in Brazil to meet the company’s increased activity there. These two new plants will also support Netafim activity in neighboring South American countries.

Netafim has invested $10 million in the construction of new plants in 2013 thus far.

With the addition of the Valencia facility, Netafim maintains 16 plants worldwide, including three in Israel – at Kibbutz Hatzerim, Kibbutz Magal and Kibbutz Yiftach.

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