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Natafim In Major Micro-irrigation Project

Netafim celebrates its 50th anniversary by participating in the largest micro-irrigation project worldwide

The global leader in irrigation, Netafim, will be marking its 50th anniversary throughout 2015 on the theme “50 Years of Shaping the Future.” Netafim has been developing micro-irrigation and drip irrigation solutions to advance and shape agriculture, since it introduced drip technology to the world upon its establishment 50 years ago.

Committed to making a change in the world and shaping the future, Netafim, was chosen to participate in the world’s largest integrated micro-irrigation project in the country through its Indian subsidiary, Netafim JV. $60 Million was the value of the deal for Netafim JV. It covers nearly 30,000 acres of farmland and approximately 6,700 farmers located in the South Indian state of Karnataka. The farmers are mostly holders of small farms from 22 villages, and the project will improve their livelihood and productivity, while saving about 50% in water.

Netafim India collaborates in this project with M/s Megha Engineering and Infrastructure (MEIL), one of South India’s leading infrastructure development companies, which was awarded by Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Ltd (KBJNL), a division of Karnataka’s Water Resources Department. The project is anchored by a network of pipelines, rather than by a main canal, distributary or other channel, delivering drip irrigated water to the relevant area. This is true example of how Netafim is shaping the future. The groundbreaking project ensures equal distribution of water to all farmers irrespective of proximity to the water source.

Mr. Kapil Mohan, Managing Director of KBJNL said, “in choosing Netafim as our implementation partner following a transparent selection process, we were impressed with its proven track record in carrying out large-scale micro-irrigation projects in diverse agroclimatic conditions worldwide”. “We’re confident that Netafim’s rich experience and expertise across the globe will help make this challenging project a great success. We expect that the successful completion of the project will set new standards for planning and execution of large-scale micro-irrigation works in India.”


Photo: David Garb

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