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NaanDanJain Presents its Innovative Static Foliar Application System

The NaanDanJain Crop Care Solution is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system that makes financial and agricultural sense.

researchers at the israeli naandanjain company have developed an innovative static foliar application system that is environmentally friendly.  this latest development by the naandanjain company that began as part of its research aimed to find a solution for treating a deadly disease affecting kiwi orchards worldwide, will also help the farmers cope with the acute labor shortage in agriculture and improve the response to diseases in agricultural crops using an innovative and environmentally friendly static foliar application  system.


an innovative system whose development was launched following a global crisis in growing kiwi, sought to find a solution to the psa disease – a critical problem in this crop which must be treated and sprayed by the farmer within 24 hours maximum.




in the past, the spraying process was a complicated task as working with a tractor in wet weather in agricultural areas often resulted in the tractor

getting stuck in the mud and in addition to the shortage of labor entire orchards were damaged every year, with consequent significant economic losses.

the new system developed by “naandanjain” solves the problems caused by the current spraying system, which has been in use for several decades and calls for the use of a heavy tractor when spraying agricultural areas with resulting damage to soil quality and texture, as the machinery moves through the fields and orchards to complete the work, which can take several hours and sometimes days.

the new system is secured permanently in the ground orchard based on static injection and installed on site thereby facilitating specific treatment in line with the orchard type, the crop and planting method. the spraying material is introduced injected using an external injection system so that there is no need for a human presence in the orchard d
uring the operation, thus enabling a tremendous saving in person power.

according to the company’s tests, spraying an area of (10 hectares) required 1 1 hours work in the past, but now thanks to the new method it takes only 5 6 minutes to complete the whole process.





the naandanjain crop care solution is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly

system that makes financial and agricultural sense.


the system, which was developed over the past 19 months   in three different countries , is based on the company’s micro hadar sprayers – which were upgraded and adapted to suit the needs of the innovative system, controlled and supervised by the system’s initiator chief agronomist maoz aviv mentioned that the system already operates in one farm in italy and two farms in the philippines.


the naandanjain foliar application crop care solution is a cost-effective, time-saving and ready-to-use anytime. it is a unique system in the world, easy to operate, efficient to manage without harming trees or their fruits, without compacting the soil during wet seasons and functional at any weather conditions. to learn more about its benefits and how it can benefit your orchard, plantation or vineyard,

contact naandanjain expertos via email: .

the company is now celebrating 80 years of operations and this product certainly demonstrates the company’s progress and development in particular, and in agriculture in general.”


for more information please contact maoz aviv


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