Italian Agriculture industry holding out well

A Slight increase in the Agricultural machinery sector for the second half of the year

The Italian industry manufacturing components for agricultural and earthmoving machinery expects a 2013 balance sheet in line with the results for 2012 when overall sales came to some 1.7 billion euro to show exports up by around 5% flanked by a 7% downturn on the domestic market.

A slight increase of a few percentage points for the current year is not being ruled out due to signs of recovery on the markets in the second half following negative indications in the first half.

This is the outlook surfacing in estimates arrived at through surveys conducted by Comacomp, the association which represents the components sector within FederUnacoma, in the National Manufacturers Federation Confindustria.

The surveys of these member manufacturers covered a majority of the sector, 80 industries, and all types of products, from axles and cabs to pneumatic components, accessories, CPUs and on to the most minute parts for mechanical gears.

A constant over the past few years in this mechanics sector, the Comacomp surveys found, is the difference between the trend of the domestic market on the decline and the growth of export markets. Though the brakes have been applied to the home market, the overall trend for the sector has been positive in that exports account for 80% of sales and work as the decisive factor for these balance sheets.

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